Council To Ask Co-Op To Make Site Safe, And Secure

Photos: A D Winter, taken on 15 June 2015 at site of the former Co-op store

Concerns have been raised in Houghton Regis over the state of the demolition site in the centre of Houghton Regis Town Centre.

The site has gaps in the hoardings which make it easily accessible to anyone who might want to cause mischief. The site is still the responsibility of the the Co-op. Local ward CBC councillors were engaged by Houghton Regis News editor, Alan Winter, to ask the freeholders, Central Bedfordshire Council what they would do about the situation.

Alan said, "Children could get in and hurt themselves, or worse, an arsonist starts another fire. Debris is piled up in the centre of the site, and there are apparently some electrical works. It's a real concern."

Central Bedfordshire Council issued a statement today saying, "Although the Co-Operative store in the town centre has closed, the site is still in the control of the company.  We expect this to transfer to the Council  later this  summer but ahead of this, the Co-Op are responsible for clearing it and keeping it secure.  We are in contact with the company and understand that a hoarding that was previously damaged hoarding has now been replaced.  In view of the concerns expressed locally we will also contact the company again to remind them of their responsibilities to keep the site safe and secure."