Cllr Rob Shimmin is the New Mayor of Houghton Regis

The new mayor of Houghton Regis, Cllr Rob Shimmin, takes office.
The new mayor of Houghton Regis is Cllr Rob Shimmin. 

Cllr Shimmin was elected at The Annual General Meeting of the town's council on Wednesday evening, 20th May. 

Cllr Shimmin said in his acceptance of the role "A quote that I read about ‘Life is to…..devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you both purpose and meaning. I feel that this very appropriate for the year ahead and I will be basing my Mayoral Year on this theme of ‘Life’."

Together with his consort, "Babs" Shimmin, Rob aims to raise funds during his year of office for Luton and Dunstable Hospital Children's Ward, Dunstable and District Disabled Sports (DaDDS), and All Saints  Parish Church (who, among other things, are looking to raise funds for a new organ).

"I will be holding events to raise funds for these causes and I hope that you will all be able to join me on these occasions. "

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Cllr Laura Ellaway at last year's Pride of Houghton Awards
Cllr Ken Wattingham proposed a vote of thanks to the outgoing mayor, Cllr Laura Ellaway, who raised £4,200 for her various charities. Laura attended 89 events during the year. 

Laura said, "I attended most of the events with my daughter and best friend, Jessica, who was my consort for the year." 

Cllr Ellaway thanked the staff of the Town Council for their assistance during the year and paid special thanks to the Town Clerk and to the mayor's secretary for their guidance and arrangements.

Cllr Chris Slough was elected deputy mayor for the year after a vote. 

The makeup of the new council is Labour (5), Liberal Democrat (5) Community Independent Alliance (3), Independent (1). Proportionality was in mind when membership of committees was discussed. 

Voting for chairs and vice chairs resulted in: 
Environment Committee: Chair - Cllr T Swain (Lab), vice-chair Cllr J Carroll (CIA)
Planning & Licensing: Chair - Cllr J Carroll (CIA), Cllr K Wattingham (LibDem)
Corporate Services: Chair - Cllr D Abbott (Ind), vice-chair Cllr Mrs T. McMahon (CIA)
Community Services: Chair - Cllr K Wattingham (LibDem), vice-chair Cllr Mrs J. Hillyard (CIA)