New Plans for £150m redevelopment of L&D Hospital

At a meeting in Houghton Regis this afternoon, plans were unveiled for a £150m redevelopment of the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital.

The whole site will look and feel different for everyone. There are elements of enabling work, such as the design of a new one stop urology service in the old linen room. Some major expansion and refurbishment, such as the Emergency Department. Also planned is some new build. Among the first things to happen would be the building of a new office block to enable staff to move out of one area so that another area can be redeveloped. A new building will be erected across 5 floors to support acute services.

Envisaged are a 
Ground Floor offering a delivery suite and triage to support a 7,000 birth site.
First floor - Neonatal Unit to support up to 46 babies who require life saving care and treatment.
Second Floor - Critical care to support 30 patients who require life saving monitoring and intervention
Third Floor - Support Flow housing a new clean room suite, surgical arrivals and second stage recovery for 40 patients.
Fourth Floor - Theatres to support 9 new operating theatres, replacing A-D and the Vanguard, and allowing for growth in surgical activity.

A new entrance would be created in Lewsey Road, away from the Emergency Department, by demolishing a pre-existing building. Car parking would be improved facing Dunstable Road, and disabled spaces would be improved and scattered around the present car parks.

Between now and the end of July, the Redevelopment team are working hard to build the Outline Business Case for the regulators who are responsible for approving the redevelopment of the hospital site.

If the redevelopment goes ahead, it may be 4 to 5 years from now before it is completed.

DOWNLOAD LEAFLET that was handed out at today's meeting.

Questions on the redevelopment can be sent to Tel 01582 49 8815