Nepal - Disasters Emergency Committee - Appeal for Funds

The DEC has launched an appeal for the people affected by the Nepal earthquake.

At 11.41am local time on 25th April 2015 a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck in Nepal. As it ripped through large parts of Nepal, it toppled office blocks and towers in Kathmandu and triggered a deadly avalanche that hit Everest base camp.

Over 5,000 people have been reported dead, and numbers are rising, making it the worst earthquake in the country in more than 80 years.

Tanya Barron, Trustee of the DEC, just sent me this message from outside Kathmandu:

"This is just awful. There are thousands and thousands out in the streets and fields with nowhere to go. Our immediate priority is to support children's most basic needs - shelter, water, health care and essential child protection."

DEC member agencies are already on the ground, and we urgently need your help to reach as many affected people as possible.

Please DONATE NOW. The situation is critical and the people of Nepal need your help now. Help provide clean water, sanitation and emergency food and shelter to those who have been affected by this devastating earthquake.

Here's what your donation will provide:

£25 can provide clean water for four families for 1 month
£50 can feed a family for two weeks
£100 can provide emergency shelter for five families
The Nepalese Government has declared a state of emergency in the affected area and called for international humanitarian assistance. It’s a race against time – please donate now and help save lives.

Your donation today, right now, could help us get vital supplies to the most vulnerable children and families.

Thank you,

Saleh Saeed OBE,
DEC Chief Executive