Council Award £38.3m Contract for Woodside Link Construction #WoodsideLink

View from Wheatfield Road will change as the new road is built.

A council committee have given the go ahead to award a contract for construction of a new road to relieve traffic around the south and east of Houghton Regis. The road will connect Woodside Industrial estate in Houghton Regis and Dunstable, to the M1 J11a, already in construction.

Central Bedfordshire Council's Executive yesterday agreed the award of the contract for the Woodside Link. A report to the committee stated that 5 contractors had tendered for the work in February this year. In October 2012 it had been estimated that the project would cost around £42 million, with £10 million of risk.   Tenders submitted were lower than expected. The scheme is now likely to cost around £38.3m.  CBC has secured £25 million in external funding and £1 million in developer contributions towards the scheme, leaving the council to underwrite the remaining costs of £12.3m. CBC
borrowing is unlikely to be required before 2017/18 at the earliest.

Council Reports:

The Central Bedfordshire Council (Woodside Link Houghton Regis) Development Consent Order came into force 21st October 2014 

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