Houghton Regis Town Council Object to #HRN2 Outline Planning Application

At a meeting of the Houghton Regis Town Council's Planning & Licensing Committee tonight,  members unanimously agreed a number of objections to the outline planning application for land at Bidwell and Thorn, after considering an expert opinion report.

Outline 'hybrid' planning application with details of main access routes, primary road network and associated drainage in detail only and layout in outline with details of landscaping, appearance and scale reserved for later determination. Development to comprise: Up to 1,850 residential (C3) dwellings (including affordable housing), 2FE Primary School (D1), employment land (Use Classes B1 , B2 & B8), local centre comprising retail (A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5) and community/leisure uses (D1 & D2), layout of public open spaces including sports pitches and changing rooms, natural wildlife area and wildlife warden building (D2) and all associated works and operations including engineering operations and earthworks

In brief, councillors objections included:

1. The site is in the Green Belt and that the Development Strategy has stalled. 

2. Inadequate response to the guidance and provisions of the Framework Plan for the Houghton Regis North Strategic Allocation.

3. Too many site access points.

4. Insufficient allotment spaces allocated.

5. Unclear if space allocated for pitches is sufficient for the number of pitches indicated.

6. No provision for a cemetery.  

7. HRTC reserve the right to consult further on cemetery provision.

8. HRTC reiterates its desire that all open spaces, outside of Access and Public Rights of Way, and community facilities be transferred to it.

Consultants web site for HRN2
Go to http://j.mp/cbcplanning  and search for CB/15/00297/OUT

The Committee also considered an outline application for homes on the Windy Willows site off Sundon Road. Members of committee agreed to object as they were unhappy with site access and felt the application was premature. Go to http://j.mp/cbcplanning and search for application CB/15/00524