Your Questions Answered About the #WoodsideLink

Parkside Drive: Old Buslink  will be rebuilt and will connect to the new road

Central Bedfordshire Council have been looking at questions asked about the Woodside Connection and posted this information.

Who will oversee the scheme to make sure it is constructed properly?

Central Bedfordshire Council will make sure that the contractor (when appointed) and any project partners construct every aspect of the Woodside Link to the necessary standards (as detailed in the Requirements of the Development Consent Order – for full details visit our Planning Documents web page and enter the code CB/14/04122/DCO).

Will vehicle access be maintained to Wheatfield Road during construction, from the Porz Ave / Park Road North / Poynters Road roundabout?

Yes, full vehicle access will be maintained until the new traffic signal junction for Wheatfield Road / Woodside Link is open to traffic.

Will pedestrian access from Sandringham Drive to Wheatfield Road be maintained across the site during construction?

Yes, there will be a safe pedestrian access route across the site.

Will there be a traffic management plan covering the construction period showing anticipated road or lane closures, etc?

A traffic management plan will be in place. Regular updates are to be posted on this web page and via Central Bedfordshire Council’s Let’s Talk Central accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

What will be installed beside Parkside Drive where it connects with the Woodside Link?

As much existing hedge as possible will be retained, and a lost section to the south-east will be replanted until it merges with the planting on the embankment. Temporary fencing will be installed until this hedge is established. An amenity grass area will be created alongside existing vegetation. These design details will be fully included on the next version of the drawings, to be uploaded to the Planning Documents web page in due course.

Where can I find out about the location of footways and pedestrian crossings?

Please see Detailed Design and Implementation – Part 1 and Detailed Design and Implementation – Part 2.

What will be the width of pathways / cycleways on Parkside Drive?

The new footway/cycleway to the north side of Parkside Drive will be 3.0m wide.

What about post-construction access to Wheatfield Road?

When the scheme is completed access to Wheatfield Road will be via a traffic signal junction off Woodside Link, and the existing access off Poynters Road roundabout will be permanently closed. There will be road markings to facilitate turning into Wheatfield Road.

Where can I find out about landscape design?

See Detailed Design and Implementation – Part 6 and Detailed Design and Implementation – Part 7.

Will housing be built on land off Parkside Drive?

There are no current plans to build any housing on land off Parkside Drive.

Source: Central Bedfordshire Council

Development Consent Order Schedule 3 (this version is easy to search