Concern Over "Clearance Mess" for #WoodsideLink Road

The annoyed resident that let off their fury on a Facebook page over the clearance, wrote, "Clearance?!!! Its just been ripped apart. Looks like a sawmill exploded in a ploughed field. This is not a careful clearance process. Its been randomly torn apart. A MESS IS THE LEAST WE CAN SAY. I can think of a lot worse."

Town Councillor for Parkside, Cllr Alan Winter said today, "Months ago I  suggested to Central Bedfordshire Council that they set up their own Facebook Page for the Woodside Link so that they can properly communicate to residents what is happening and why. When there is something happening on their doorsteps people are naturally very curious and want good and responsible communication channels. All I've seen from them so far are propaganda twitterings telling people that travel times will improve."

"Whoever has ripped up the wildlife habitat by the buslink has made a right old mess, has had no thought for small birds or reptiles. Well laid plans for doing the job responsibly seem to have been only aspirational. Very disappointed, CBC."