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Demolition Starts on Former Co-op Store #hrcoopbuild

Work has begun to remove the co-op building in Houghton Regis. Central Bedfordshire Council are in the very early stages of planning for what comes next on their site. The total site covers the store footprint, the car park, the recycling bins, and Red House Court on about 4 hectares. It is thought the scheme may eventually include up to 170 accommodations for extra-care housing, retail units, heritage, and social facilities.  The Council are currently having 83 accommodations built at Priory View, Church Street, Dunstable, on a 2 hectare site. Nearby residents are not unduly concerned by the potential of being overlooked by new buildings, but have told HRND that they will look forward to (hopefully) the removal of adjacent sycamore trees and their self-seeding spores.  More details and information about the scheme is not expected until June 2015. Previous Co-op Houghton Regis News.

New Cycle Path Appears on Village Green

New path has appeared from Drury Lane leading towards the crossing at East End. Photo: A. Winter A new tarmac path has today been installed from Drury Lane leading to the crossing at The Green. The path crosses land which is part of the Village Green, which the Houghton Regis Town Council are entrusted to look after. Local resident, Hazel Keane, wrote on Facebook yesterday, "Well I could not believe my eyes when I walked past Drury Lane today. Who the devil has given authorisation for a non essential path to be put across our protected green." Meanwhile, a notice on suggested that the work might be something to do with other travel related works that have been going on in the town. These have included: a two way route on a one way road for cyclists in Easthill (something that was approved, but has not been implemented),  pathway widening along Houghton Road to better facilitate the movement of students walking and travelling by cycle to All Saints s

Your Questions Answered About the #WoodsideLink

Parkside Drive: Old Buslink  will be rebuilt and will connect to the new road Central Bedfordshire Council have been looking at questions asked about the Woodside Connection and posted this information. Who will oversee the scheme to make sure it is constructed properly? Central Bedfordshire Council will make sure that the contractor (when appointed) and any project partners construct every aspect of the Woodside Link to the necessary standards (as detailed in the Requirements of the Development Consent Order – for full details visit our Planning Documents web page and enter the code CB/14/04122/DCO). Will vehicle access be maintained to Wheatfield Road during construction, from the Porz Ave / Park Road North / Poynters Road roundabout? Yes, full vehicle access will be maintained until the new traffic signal junction for Wheatfield Road / Woodside Link is open to traffic. Will pedestrian access from Sandringham Drive to Wheatfield Road be maintained across the site dur

Your Comments Could See Off Planning Applications At Bedford Road

A Senior Planning Casework Manager for the Government has said he is taking representations from the public on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Despite representations from local councillors and the Town Clerk, Central Bedfordshire Council earlier this month gave the go ahead for a full planning application for 169 new homes on a Bedford Road meadow, and outline planning permission for 62 dwellings on land behind the old Red Lion ( See story ). When asked if the public could make representations, the caseworker replied: "Central Bedfordshire Council has referred two applications to the Secretary of State under the terms of consultation arrangements that apply because the sites are both within the Green Belt. The applications are for development on land at Bedford Road (CB/14/03056/FULL) and land to the rear of The Old Red Lion (CB/14/03047/OUT). The Secretary of State is not reviewing the merits of these proposals or

53 New Homes Proposed for Former Windy Willows Nursery Site‪ #‎WindyWillowshomes

The old Windy Willows site on Sundon Rd, Houghton Regis, could be redeveloped for up to 53 new homes.  These would border the grounds of Houghton Regis Academy. The total site is about 1.6ha and would provide 53 new homes on 1.1ha. Because of pylons, part of the site cannot be built on and will be retained as a green infrastructure corridor.  Three flatted blocks are proposed to the north and middle of the site with seven town houses at the southern end. The flat blocks would have a ground floor, and 1st and 2nd floors. Footway and cycle links would provide direct links into the main HRN1 site.  For more details search CB/15/00524 on

CBC has failed in its Duty to Cooperate with other LA's when formulating its Development Strategy

Central Bedfordshire Council has reacted with dismay to the Planning Inspector’s conclusions on its Development Strategy and will consider a proposal to challenge the process in court. The Development Strategy, which is the planning document that governs where and how future housing and businesses should be developed in the area, was recently examined by the Inspector during a two-day hearing. The Council has been instructed to publish the Inspector’s findings which conclude that  Central Bedfordshire has not co-operated sufficiently with other local authorities in developing the strategy. One specific example of this is the Council’s co-operation with Luton Borough Council on housing. Luton has long argued that Central Bedfordshire should support the building of more housing to meet the needs of its residents. In response Central Bedfordshire Council has already increased its original housing target to meet the need for homes in the wider area, including some 5,400 homes to me

Discover the Benefits of Volunteering

Central Bedfordshire residents are being encouraged to give up a few hours of their time each week to help others. There are many different ways that people of all ages and backgrounds can take up volunteering, and now residents are being urged to do just that. From looking out for elderly and vulnerable residents as a Nominated Neighbour; patrolling the streets as part of the Street Watch scheme to volunteering as a Street Pastor to help those enjoying a night out on the town, there are many different ways to give something back to your community. Now Central Bedfordshire’s Community Safety Partnership is launching a campaign to encourage people to think about volunteering. As well as helping other people, volunteering has benefits for those who give up their time, including forming new friendships, increasing feelings of self-esteem and well-being and gaining an insight into the voluntary sector. Shaida Younis has been volunteering for Victim Support for the past two y

New Plan for Buses - From April 13th : A, Z, 38, and a 38D

Central Bedfordshire Council have announced their plans following the Arriva's announcements earlier this month.  A spokesperson for the Council said, "We have drawn up plans for an alternative service, and held a tender exercise following a decision by Arriva to withdraw the existing 38 service. I am now pleased to advise the results of the tender for a new bus service. "Arriva will be operating a new 38 and 38D service between Dunstable and Houghton Regis (Parkside). These routes will provide a half hourly service for a significant part of the day, Mondays to Fridays; hourly at other times. The new 38 will also serve the Salters Way area, providing a much better service for that part of town. "Funding for these routes will come from new developments in Houghton Road and High Street North. From 13th April 2015 Timetables: Excel file download In Houghton Regis, buses on 38 will operate from Morrisons to The Chequers, then across to Parkside Drive (pa

Concern Over "Clearance Mess" for #WoodsideLink Road

The annoyed resident that let off their fury on a Facebook page over the clearance, wrote, "Clearance?!!! Its just been ripped apart. Looks like a sawmill exploded in a ploughed field. This is not a careful clearance process. Its been randomly torn apart. A MESS IS THE LEAST WE CAN SAY. I can think of a lot worse." Town Councillor for Parkside, Cllr Alan Winter said today, "Months ago I  suggested to Central Bedfordshire Council that they set up their own Facebook Page for the Woodside Link so that they can properly communicate to residents what is happening and why. When there is something happening on their doorsteps people are naturally very curious and want good and responsible communication channels. All I've seen from them so far are propaganda twitterings telling people that travel times will improve." "Whoever has ripped up the wildlife habitat by the buslink has made a right old mess, has had no thought for small birds or reptiles. Wel

Videos from Whipsnade Zoo

Link to Whipsnade Zoo Web Site . Below are videos posted to Whipsnade Zoo's Facebook Page . Meet Oscar the Baby Californian Sea Lion Sea lion pup makes a splash! Say hello to little Oscar, a tiny Californian sea lion pup who's been making quite a splash at the zoo since his birth! Posted by ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on Tuesday, 30 June 2015 Lambs Newborn lambs bring Spring to Hullabazoo Farm Spring has well and truly arrived at our Hullabazoo Farm with the birth of these adorable little lambs just in time for Easter. Posted by ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on Wednesday, 1 April 2015 Camels Frozen fans will be delighted to learn that we have a new baby Bactrian camel called Olaf.Not only that, he has a fluffy friend who was born in the same week: Posted by ZSL Whipsnade Zoo on Thursday, 9 April 2015 Baby Ele

Central Beds Council Give Go Ahead to Build on Houghton Regis Green Belt

by Alan Winter Two applications were given the go ahead by Central Bedfordshire Development Management Committee today. Up to 231 homes could now be built on the land, currently vacant. The full application by Taylor Wimpey will see the meadow between Churchfield Road and Bedford Road developed for up to 169 new homes including 30% affordable housing, on a 6.4ha site with open space footpath and roads.  The other site is on the north of Plaiters Way, west of the old Red Lion public house, and that now has outline planning permission for up to 62 dwellings on a 3.2ha site with up to 1.6ha of that reserved for informal open space. Both applications were recommended by officers for approval and were considered by Central Bedfordshire Councillors. Taylor Wimpey Application Meadow west of Churchfield Rd, Houghton Regis Clare Evans, the Houghton Regis Town Clerk, spoke on behalf of the Houghton Regis Town Council, emphasising the Town Council's objections to the Taylor

Planning Meeting Will Decide Fate of Land At Bedford Road, Houghton Regis

These applications are due to be decided on 11th February 2015. Planning Application No.  CB/14/03056/FULL Address : Land at Bedford Road, Houghton Regis Description:  Comprehensive development providing 169 residential units (including affordable housing) with associated infrastructure including car parking, drainage, pumping station, hard and soft landscaping, footway/cycleways, children’s play space and informal public open space. Applicant  : Taylor Wimpey Planning Application No.  CB/14/03047/OUT Address : Land to the Rear of the Old Red Lion, Bedford Road, Houghton Regis Description: Development of up to 62 dwellings, access, public open space and other associated works on land to the rear of the Red Lion Public House, to the west of the Bedford Road, Houghton Regis. Applicant : Beechcroft Land Limited Agenda documents:

4D Cinema Opens In Milton Keynes

The UK's first 4DX cinema has opened in Milton Keynes. Chairs rock, water gets squirted, but is it just a fad and will it last? Post by BBC Look East .