Harvest Home Car Park - Now It's Free Parking for 20 minutes - And No Parking Meter

Great Christmas Present for Hillborough Crescent shops and motorists visiting shops at Hillborough Crescent, Houghton Regis.

From today, 23rd Dec 2014, the Harvest Car Park is once again available for customers visiting the shops in Hillborough Crescent completely Free of Charge. 

Customers will be able to park in the available spaces for a maximum of 20 minutes with exception for clients who are visiting the Hairdressers (Lunatic Fringe) who will be given special permit as required.

There will be no Parking meter. Customers are strongly urged to observe the Terms and Conditions and not to abuse the free privileges, as there will still be penalty if the cars are left there for longer than necessary 

without valid reason or authority.

Kishor Patel said “I am pleased that the car parking facilities at Harvest Home have been re-instated for the customers who use the shops in Hillborough Crescent, it’s great to see local businesses working together to compete with supermarkets and out of town shops. I have traded in Hillborough Crescent for nearly 30 years and would like see the shops continue to thrive with the continued support from the local community”

Ray Dean Said: “Customers safety was paramount to me, hopefully this will lessen the congestion on the road, avoid any fatalities and avoid being penalised by the little yellow car with camera stuck on its head for parking on double yellows”

Brief History:

Harvest Home Car Parking has been used by the shoppers for over 30 years, but it go to the point where residents were leaving the cars overnight, cars being repaired, shop staff were parking the cars all day, which meant the car park was constantly blocked with long term cars been parked there. 

Since June 2014 Harvest Home brought in some restrictions and there was a parking meter installed, which was not an ideal solution for customers, Harvest or the shops. Kishor Patel and Ray Dean worked hard to come to a conclusion that worked for all.

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