Dog & Duck Car Park to get 12 One Bedroom Flats

Plans for a new development at the DOG & DUCK in Parkside Drive have been given the go-ahead by Central Bedfordshire Council despite a Houghton Regis CBC councillor, David Jones, speaking against it, and despite 5 written objections.

The former Dog & Duck - the car park now has permission for twelve 1 bedroom homes
Dog and Duck before the present conversion
The applicant now has permission to construct 12 x 1 bedroom flats arranged in 3 blocks of 2 storeys with parking and all ancillary works on the site of the old pub's car park. The works can start within the next three years before a new application has to be applied for.

To view details, go to enter 14/03488 in the search box, and follow the links.

Objections by Cllr A. Winter here.