Houghton Regis Children Off to "Lapland" for Christmas - Avoiding the Car!

A Christmas challenge is underway to cycle, scoot or walk to Lapland to see Father Christmas.

Local children, including some from Houghton Regis, will take part in ‘Cycle to Santa’, organised by Central Bedfordshire’s Travel Choices, in which children and their families collect miles towards a virtual 2,050-mile trip to Lapland.

Every child will receive a special ‘Cycle to Santa’ card which is stamped each time they travel to school by bicycle, scooter or on foot. With each stamp equalling two miles - double that if their parents join them - the children will soon be on their way to Santa. Children who travel the furthest each week will receive prizes and schools will be competing to be the first to reach Lapland.

Travel Choices’ Bike-It Officer, Derek Smulders, will be holding special Bike-It Breakfasts at each of the competing schools and visiting with Dr Bike to ensure everyone’s bike or scooter is up to the long journey to Santa.

Children are also being given the chance to win a fantastic bike by describing what they would do if they won a bike this Christmas.  The winner will receive a brand new Frog bike at the Travel Choices Hub on 20 December.

Mr Smulders said: "Last year’s ‘Cycle to Santa’ challenge went really well with children from a number of local schools taking part. They have clearly been telling their friends what fun the challenge was as the response this year is stunning. It’s going to be an exciting competition, especially with the added attraction of the chance to win a new bike.”

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