Concerned About Your Christmas Booze? - Call The So So Man!

CBC’s Public Protection food team is advising customers to report any incidents where drinks didn't taste, look or smell as expected. Things to look out for include:

Look out for poor quality packaging and labelling – spelling mistakes are often a giveaway
Check the barcode is accurate (you can use a smartphone to download an app which tells you if the label matches the product)
Smell – is it off or similar to a flowery nail varnish scent?
If the drink has separated unusually or there are things floating in it or have settled at the bottom
Businesses are advised to only buy alcohol from a reputable supplier and to keep an itemised VAT receipt.

Anyone concerned that they have not been sold what they paid for should notify the team as soon as possible. Call 0300 300 6766 and ask for So So Man or email