Bedfordshire Police Promise Crime Crackdown - Tell Them What You Know

Bedfordshire Police launched a major crackdown on burglary across the South of the county this week. Working with local authorities and partners Operation Albiorix, which runs throughout October and November, aims to prevent and reduce the seasonal increase in burglaries during this period. The Police will be focusing on South Bedfordshire’s burglary hotspots to detect crimes, deter and arrest offenders and reassure residents they are fighting crime, and protecting the public.

Chief Inspector Tania Coulson explains: “It is well known that burglary increases each autumn as the nights draw in, with offences peaking in November just as people prepare for Christmas. Operation Albiorix aims to improve intelligence, increase the detection and deterrence of already identified offenders, step up support for victims and inform residents of the best ways to protect their home and property.

“With Operation Albiorix we are trying something different, both with our partners and with our approach; using research about why and how offenders target particular properties and neighbourhoods and their patterns of behaviour.  This research shows that burglars target in particular houses with poor security measures, and will seize the opportunity when faced with an insecure home. There is no discernment to those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable and unable to secure properties for themselves.

“We know burglars like familiar properties and will often return to a burgled property or neighbouring property within a short timeframe, hoping to steal replaced items.

“Our officers will be visiting burglary hotspots to explain to residents how to make their homes more secure and, if the occupant is elderly or vulnerable, arrange for a visit from the Bobby van to assist them protect their property. Officers will also give information to neighbours in the immediate vicinity of the burgled property. We will be patrolling the streets to ensure there is a police presence in these areas.

“We also need the help of local communities to provide us with intelligence about possible offenders, their movements and who they are passing their stolen property to. People do not have to give us their name when they call us on our 101 number, or they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111
and give their information to them.

“By adopting a range of tactics and working in partnership we aim to reduce and prevent burglaries and increase our prospect of capturing offenders. This operation will be flexible and any react to changing patterns of burglary in the South. This is not about displacing crime from one area to another but making offenders so uncomfortable they are always looking over their shoulders.”

You can
download a comprehensive guide to protecting your home and property from the Bedfordshire Police website or visit .

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