Go Ahead Given For Woodside Link : A5505

Development consent has been given for the Woodside Connection to be built between M1 J11a and Porz Avenue/Poynters Rd roundabout. http://infrastructure.planningportal.gov.uk/document/2721799

On the proposed link to Parkside Drive:

"The Secretary of State agrees with the Examining Authority's conclusion that on balance the potential benefits of the Parkside Link to the Houghton Park Estate and the surrounding area as a whole are likely to outweigh the level of the relative dis-benefit that may be experienced by those residents living close to the southern end of the existing Parkside Drive."

Section 20 in http://infrastructure.planningportal.gov.uk/wp-content/ipc/uploads/projects/TR010011/3.%20Post%20Decision%20Information/Decision/Secretary%20of%20State%20decision%20letter%20and%20statement%20of%20reasons.pdf

On the southern end of the scheme:

"[The Secretary of State]  notes that residents overlooking the southern section of the Woodside Link would experience an adverse impact in varying degrees, but like the Examining Authority he is satisfied that the applicant and the planning authority together have the capacity to ensure delivery of
appropriate landscape and visual mitigation (ER 4.268). The Secretary of State agrees with the Examining Authority’s overall conclusion that the project has met the criteria for good design in the draft National Networks NPS and that none of the landscape or visual effects of the project would be so significant or adverse as to provide a basis for refusing the application (ER 4.271, 4.279)."

Section 17 (link)

Woodside Link Houghton Regis Bedfordshire. Examining Authority's Report of Findings and Conclusions and Recommendation to the Secretary of State (link)

Legislation for this: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2014/2637/contents/made