BBQs - "Allow Coals to Heat Up - It's Not Instant Like a Cooker" - Fireman's Warning

"Lucky escape" is how a local fire brigade are describing two incidents last week where petrol has been involved with barbeques.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) attended an incident in Kempston, where local residents had attempted to put petrol from a can onto a lit BBQ. The fuel ignited and spread back to the can, and the occupier threw the flaming can across the garden, setting fire to the plastic patio furniture and a fence.

Later, in Bedford, a badly maintained BBQ fell over onto a nearby can of petrol.

Each time BFRS were called but the fires were out on arrival and there were no injuries.

Watch Commander Dave Wright, from White Watch at Kempston Fire Station, who attended both incidents said:

“Regardless of how difficult it may be starting a BBQ, or getting it going, you should never, ever use petrol. Or even have petrol anywhere near the BBQ. Petrol fumes are explosive and can ignite instantly. The consequences could be fatal."

“When lighting your BBQ, allow time for the coals to heat up.  Barbecuing is not an instant process, like turning on a cooker. Don’t place people’s lives at risk by forgetting about the dangers of putting petrol on or near a fire.”


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