Now, Recycle Small Electrical and Electronic Items

Do you have  small waste electric and electronic items, reusable textiles and household batteries? These are now to be collected by alongside usual waste and recycling collections.

To ensure their collection, place the items inside a supermarket type carrier bag and leave them by your wheelie bins on their usual day of collection. The collection crews will apply a sticker informing the resident of any item that cannot be accepted.

Yes please

Bedside lamps, blenders, calculators, cameras, chargers, 

digi-boxes, electric toothbrushes, electronic toys and games, food 

processors, hair dryers, hi-fi equipment (including speakers), irons, 

juicers, kettles, power tools, shavers, telephones, toasters and 

torches. Batteries include: 6v, D, C, AA, AAA, 9v, button and mobile 

phone batteries (bag separately).

No thanks 
Regardless of size we can’t take TV’s 

and PC monitors, laptops, fluorescent tubes and energy saving light 

bulbs, fridges and freezers, washing machines, dish washers, cookers 

and microwave ovens. No children’s ride on toy batteries, sealed 

lead acid/gel batteries, car, motorbike and industrial batteries.