Free Phone App for Pregnant Mums-To-Be

Email from Best Beginnings:

I am researching for a charity called Best Beginnings, who are working to give every baby in the UK the healthiest start in life. We do a great deal of educational work aiming to close the health gap between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups, and also different cultures. We work closely with professionals in the field, to make sure our advice is up-to-date and accurate. To read more about us please look at the web site:

As a way to reach a younger audience we are developing a free, downloadable phone app called Baby Buddy. It will be aimed at new mums (we will do a 'dad' version later) and covers pregnancy and the first six months after birth. One of the many things the app will deliver is access to a library of film 'snippets' or mini tutorials, giving hints and tips for simple ways to improve mother and baby health. In particular we are researching EXERCISE (exercise for mums / movement for baby). So we are looking for a mother and baby class that will let us film, that can demonstrate accessible, easy ways that mums can improve their own health and that of the baby.

Things like: Mother and baby yoga, baby massage, mother and baby fitness.

What we want:

- Pregnant women and those in the first 6 months of motherhood

- Younger mums, and those from a mixed economic / cultural background (reflecting the audience we hope reach)

- A really lively, knowledgeable teacher

- A class that has a laugh, and has a good rapport

Please get in touch if there are any leads you can give me, or you can suggest a group that might be appropriate, or just put us in touch with anyone who might like to be involved. For your information we usually work with small, all-female camera crews.

Attached is more info about the Baby Buddy App, and there is also stuff on the web site:

Kindest regards

Zan Barberton

07980 301541