Bus Changes Look Set to Cause Controversy

This article has been superceded. For an update go to http://www.hrnd.co.uk/2014/07/arriva-again-changes-proposed-routes.html

Plans by Arriva to change bus services in Houghton Regis look set to cause controversy and confusion as the bus-travelling public get used to the plans.

Arriva are to bring in a new route 39, stop the 38 from serving Tithe Farm and Parkside, and put more reliance on the A service.

Local Houghton Regis councillor, Alan Winter said, "Arriva's customers wanting to travel from Tithe Farm Road to the Luton and Dunstable hospital will face the biggest challenge, as they will need to find a new way to get there. A sample change would be to ride the A service to Dunstable and make a change there, but it will increase this overall sample journey time by up to 20 minutes. It's a recipe for confusion and controversy."

Sample Travel Plan from Thornhill Close, to Luton & Dunstable Hospital  slow walker, maximum walk time 10 minutes, to arrive at 9.30am for appointment:

MONDAY 4th August
At 08:49 walk to Houghton Regis, o/s Hillborough Crescent Shops (on Hillborough Crescent) Walk.  Transfer time: 11 minutes

At 09:00  From Houghton Regis, o/s Hillborough Crescent Shops (on Hillborough Crescent)
 Take Arriva the Shires & Essex 38 (towards Luton Town Centre, Church Street)
 To Lewsey, Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Adj (on Lewsey Road) arriving at 09:20

Overall Journey time: 31mins ; Interchanges: 0

MONDAY 1st September,
From Thornhill Close at 08:39 walk to Houghton Regis, opp Hillborough Crescent Shops (on Tithe Farm Road). Walk Transfer time: 11 minutes

At 08:50  From Houghton Regis, opp Hillborough Crescent Shops (on Tithe Farm Road) 
 Take Arriva the Shires & Essex A (towards Luton Airport, Airport Bus Station)
 To Dunstable, Dukeminster Estate, Stop P4 (on Church Street)

At 09:21  From Dunstable, Dukeminster Estate, Stop P4 (on Church Street) 
 Take Arriva the Shires & Essex 31 (towards Luton Town Centre, Church Street)
 To Lewsey, Stanton Road, Opp (on Dunstable Road), arriving at 09:30

Overall Journey time: 51mins ; Interchanges: 1

From 31 August the company plans to run these services.

Route 39 will operate half hourly from Dog & Duck towards Luton, including (L &D), via Parkside Drive Windsor Drive, Wheatfield Road

Busway A will have timetable changes. Evening service increased from hourly to half hourly, and will operate as now from Dog & Duck towards Dunstable, via Parkside Drive, Sundon Rd, Tithe Farm Road, High Street, Busway (not including L&D hospital)

Route 38 will be revised to operate half hourly from Luton (including L& D hospital) calling in Lewsey Farm, Wheatfield Rd, Windsor Drive, (MISSING OUT Parkside and Tithe Farm), East End, High Street Morrisons, and on towards Dunstable via High Street North)

More comments on these service changes can be found here.


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