Arriva (Again) Changes Proposed Routes For Houghton Regis

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Arriva's proposed changes to bus services in Houghton Regis have been changed again following on from complaints compiled on Houghton Regis News Desk by concerned residents.

A statement from Arriva's Regional Marketing Manager, Linsey Frostick, was received this afternoon, sent to Parkside town councillor, Cllr Alan Winter and is reproduced below. The details of the timetabling for these new proposals are still awaited.

"Following discussions with various stakeholders and customers, our plans for Houghton Regis have been changed.  The details of what will be operating from 31st August is listed below.  The changes made restore the lost links from the previous scheme and should resolve the issues raised by residents of Parkside and Tithe Farm especially.

Route details
A – remains the same route, improved evening service on Mondays to Saturdays with buses running every 30 minutes.  Late night journeys to the airport have been removed but link from the station can be made using 757.
37 – Withdrawn
38 – continues as now Monday – Saturday daytimes on a 30 minute frequency but no longer serves the Dog & Duck loop on any journey
38A – will operate Monday to Saturday evenings and Sundays and will omit Parkside and Tithe Farm Road.
39 –  new route which will interwork with the 38.  39 will operate every 30 minutes between Dog & Duck, Parkside and Luton.  The 39 will not serve Dunstable.

So journeys will be as follows:

Dog & Duck and Dunstable
A all the time

Dog & Duck and Hospital & Luton
39 (and A)

Parkside to Dunstable
38 Monday to Saturday daytime

Tithe Farm to Dunstable
A all the time
38 Monday to Saturday daytime

Tithe Farm & Parkside to the Hospital
38 Monday to Saturday daytime
Connection required during evenings & Sundays with A and 38