A5-M1 Link (Dunstable Northern Bypass) - Orders Published

Orders for the new A5-M1 link road have now been published.

The new 5.2km road will run from a point just north of Thorn Road junction with the A5, and connect to the M1 motorway near Chalton Cross Farm. The new road will become a trunk route when the scheme is published. Roundabouts will be constructed approximately where Houghton Road goes over the M1 at Chalton Cross, connecting northbound and southbound to the M1 motorway. A further roundabout will connect the new trunk road to Bedford Road, just north of Calcutt Lodge on the Bedford Road (Lord's Hill) towards Toddington.

The A5, between a point just north of Thorn Turn and M1 Junction 9, is to be de-trunked and will subsequently fall into the control of Central Bedfordshire, whereas it is currently under the management of the Highways Agency.

The Orders affect land in the Parishes of Houghton Regis, Chalgrave and Chalton and provide for the purchase of the land and conveys rights over arable land, pasture land, scrub land, watercourses and footpaths, for the purposes of constructing the new trunk road.

Side works to move cables has already begun, but the road scheme is not expected to start in earnest until early 2015.

Copies of the Compulsory Purchase Orders, Side Roads Orders, Scheme Order, Line Orders and the Public Notices are now available for viewing here: http://www.persona.uk.com/a5dunstable/Made_orders.htm

Further background and timetabling information about the scheme can be read here: