350 New Homes Plan For Houghton Park

Parkside -350 new homes - Full planning application this Autumn
Bellcross Homes are looking to develop land for residential use to the east of Houghton Park, Parkside, Houghton Regis. Up to 350 new homes, including affordable homes are envisaged.

This 350 would be in addition to the 5,150 new homes planned for other land to the east and north of Houghton Regis, under scheme HRN1.

Earlier this month the company applied to Central Bedfordshire Council for an Environmental Impact Assessment on the land. The assessment will identify issues around population, wealth, housing, education, community facilities, health services.

Access to the site would initially be via Houghton Park Road for the first 100 housing units.  Thereafter, access would be from new roads built in the HRN1 area closer to the M1.

Local town councillor for Parkside, Alan Winter said today, "We've always known that Bellcross owned this land and would one day want to develop it. But I don't understand how access can be provided via Houghton Park Road to any development on the land to the east. The road is too narrow, is constantly parked up by residents vehicles, and there is a dangerous sharp bend on the road. I am not in favour of development traffic using Houghton Hall Park Road to access this site. I am concerned that residents vehicles might be damaged by vehicles accessing the site."

"I would also not be in favour of visitors to the site, once developed, accessing homes on this site via Houghton Park Road due to the narrowness of the road. I have safety concerns due to the sharp blind bend in the road."

The assessment will include traffic surveys at various junctions in Parkside.

A draft masterplan to guide the development is being developed for the site. A full planning application is expected this Autumn, 2014.

The schedule for the EIA Scoping Report can be read here .

Comments can be made here:  and search for application CB/14/02824/SCO