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Arriva (Again) Changes Proposed Routes For Houghton Regis

​(This item has been superseded. See ) Arriva's proposed changes to bus services in Houghton Regis have been changed again following on from complaints compiled on Houghton Regis News Desk by concerned residents. A statement from Arriva's Regional Marketing Manager, Linsey Frostick, was received this afternoon, sent to Parkside town councillor, Cllr Alan Winter and is reproduced below. The details of the timetabling for these new proposals are still awaited. "Following discussions with various stakeholders and customers, our plans for Houghton Regis have been changed.  The details of what will be operating from 31st August is listed below.  The changes made restore the lost links from the previous scheme and should resolve the issues raised by residents of Parkside and Tithe Farm especially. Route details A – remains the same route, improved evening service on Mondays to Saturdays with buses runni

A5-M1 Link (Dunstable Northern Bypass) - Orders Published

Orders for the new A5-M1 link road have now been published. The new 5.2km road will run from a point just north of Thorn Road junction with the A5, and connect to the M1 motorway near Chalton Cross Farm. The new road will become a trunk route when the scheme is published. Roundabouts will be constructed approximately where Houghton Road goes over the M1 at Chalton Cross, connecting northbound and southbound to the M1 motorway. A further roundabout will connect the new trunk road to Bedford Road, just north of Calcutt Lodge on the Bedford Road (Lord's Hill) towards Toddington. The A5, between a point just north of Thorn Turn and M1 Junction 9, is to be de-trunked and will subsequently fall into the control of Central Bedfordshire, whereas it is currently under the management of the Highways Agency. The Orders affect land in the Parishes of Houghton Regis, Chalgrave and Chalton and provide for the purchase of the land and conveys rights over arable land, pasture land, scrub lan

350 New Homes Plan For Houghton Park

Parkside -350 new homes - Full planning application this Autumn Bellcross Homes are looking to develop land for residential use to the east of Houghton Park, Parkside, Houghton Regis. Up to 350 new homes, including affordable homes are envisaged. This 350 would be in addition to the 5,150 new homes planned for other land to the east and north of Houghton Regis, under scheme HRN1. Earlier this month the company applied to Central Bedfordshire Council for an Environmental Impact Assessment on the land. The assessment will identify issues around population, wealth, housing, education, community facilities, health services. Access to the site would initially be via Houghton Park Road for the first 100 housing units.  Thereafter, access would be from new roads built in the HRN1 area closer to the M1. Local town councillor for Parkside, Alan Winter said today, "We've always known that Bellcross owned this land and would one day want to develop it. But I don't underst

Houghton Regis Leisure Centre Pool - Swimming Times

This Page was first created in July 2014! For up to date information go to Houghton Regis Leisure Centre Swimming Pool is open, but has limited availability until September. All sessions will have restricted numbers and will be managed on a band system. There will be limited availability for these two months due to ongoing maintenance work. The new facilities will be open in September. For Bank holiday opening times, please contact reception. Casual Swimming 6.30am - 7.30am (Monday to Friday) 8am - 9am (Daily) 9.30am - 10.30am (Monday and Friday Only)  12.30 - 13.30 (Daily) 15.30 - 16.30 (Monday to Friday) 17.00 - 18.00  (Daily) 18.30 - 19.30 (Monday to Friday) 8pm - 9pm (Monday & Thursday) Aqua Fun (floats available) 11am - 12 (Monday to Friday) 2pm - 3pm (every day) 15.30 - 16.30 Saturday, Sunday Adult Relax and Swim 8pm - 9pm (Tuesday & Friday) Parent and Child 9.30am - 10.3

Free Phone App for Pregnant Mums-To-Be

Email from Best Beginnings: I am researching for a charity called Best Beginnings, who are working to give every baby in the UK the healthiest start in life. We do a great deal of educational work aiming to close the health gap between the lowest and highest socioeconomic groups, and also different cultures. We work closely with professionals in the field, to make sure our advice is up-to-date and accurate. To read more about us please look at the web site: As a way to reach a younger audience we are developing a free, downloadable phone app called Baby Buddy. It will be aimed at new mums (we will do a 'dad' version later) and covers pregnancy and the first six months after birth. One of the many things the app will deliver is access to a library of film 'snippets' or mini tutorials, giving hints and tips for simple ways to improve mother and baby health. In particular we are researching EXERCISE (exercise for mums / movement for

Harvest Home Car Park To Go To Pay And Display

Starting early August the car park at Harvest Home, Hillborough Crescent, is to become Pay & Display with a fee starting at 40p. Revenues from the venture will be shared between the landlord and community projects, according to the landlord. Parking will be free for  pub customers. A statement from the Harvest Home reads, "Firstly im sorry this has taken so long to sort out. We have been working closely with the local council (big thanks to Jan Cooper - Community Services Officer to Houghton Regis Town Council) for all her hard work and advice. Also thanks to local businesses for their support in trying to find a solution that works for us all. The big issues are the car park belongs to the Harvest Home but our customers and staff were finding it hard to park in our car park, we have been working with a company called CPS who have managed to clear the car park so that our customers and staff can park. During this time we have been looking at ways to let customers of the sh


Robin Hood will be swapping Sherwood Forest for Rushmere Woods as The Storyteller Theatre  Company help you get the summer holidays off to a fantastic start with an entrancing and highly  entertaining piece of specialist children's theatre at 1pm and 3pm on Friday 25th July. This is an  event perfect for the whole family! In one of the Wood's beautiful glades, under the natural cover of the trees, the company's three  professional actors will transform the space into a magical, intimate theatre, and with the use of soft  toys and puppets, will recreate one of England's most well‐known and loved classical stories. As a 'Theatre in Education' company, The Storyteller Theatre Company has performed in schools and  nurseries, and their highly visual style is guaranteed to capture even the youngest of minds. The  nursery manager at one of their recent performances commented after their show, "The children,  staff and parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves

SSAFA - Here to Help Forces and Ex-Forces People and Their Families

Visiting Houghton Regis Carnival last week was SSAFA. The Bedfordshire branch of SSAFA are available at the end of the telephone to support any forces and ex-forces men or women, and anyone who is connected through families, including ex-wives and ex-husbands of service personnel. SSAFA believe that if those who completed National Service, and those who depend on those people deserve lifelong support from them. Their trained volunteers can provide practical and emotional help if and when it is needed. Dignity and respect are their watch words, should you need to call them. The organisation was founded in 1885 to relieve distress among the families of soldiers and sailors. It helps all forces and ex-forces people and their families in Bedfordshire 01526 875071 SSAFA Bedfordshire Branch PO Box 4504, Dunstable, LU6 9PS

Court Drive, Dunstable: Road Works Start on 4th August

Disruption to traffic movements near Dunstable's Asda store are due to start on Monday 4th August for up to 8 weeks. Work along Court Drive will be undertaken in stages between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday, with the potential for weekend working. The scheduled work includes tactile paving, and placement of zebra crossings after Central Bedfordshire Council's scheme was criticised in a consultation exercise. Find out more about the scheme ... 

Bus Changes Look Set to Cause Controversy

This article has been superceded. For an update go to Plans by Arriva to change bus services in Houghton Regis look set to cause controversy and confusion as the bus-travelling public get used to the plans. Arriva are to bring in a new route 39, stop the 38 from serving Tithe Farm and Parkside, and put more reliance on the A service. Local Houghton Regis councillor, Alan Winter said, "Arriva's customers wanting to travel from Tithe Farm Road to the Luton and Dunstable hospital will face the biggest challenge, as they will need to find a new way to get there. A sample change would be to ride the A service to Dunstable and make a change there, but it will increase this overall sample journey time by up to 20 minutes. It's a recipe for confusion and controversy." Sample Travel Plan from Thornhill Close, to Luton & Dunstable Hospital  slow walker, maximum walk time 10 minutes, t

WHEN SELLING YOUR CAR - "Beware of confidence tricksters! "

 "Beware of confidence tricksters! " That's the message from local police who are making the public aware of three recent instances in Luton where would-be buyers have tricked the owners into doing something that has enabled the visitor to simply drive-off with the vehicle. One seller was made to look in the boot while the visitor sat in the driver seat and simply drove the car way. A second victim was tricked into checking the parking lights, while a third victim was asked to produce paperwork. Houghton Regis Cllr Alan Winter said, "From the examples given it seems that the best advice would be to never let the visitor have access to your vehicle's keys if you are not also sitting in the car." Read More ...


Local MP, Andrew Selous, has been appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice. He will have special responsibility for HM Prison and Probation Service.  Andrew Selous says, “I am very pleased and honoured to be given this appointment by the Prime Minister and look forward to working in the Ministry of Justice as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State. I will have responsibility for the Prison and Probation Service and other areas relating to the work carried out by the Ministry of Justice”. Mr Selous holds surgeries for constituents at various times. Surgeries are held at Houghton Regis Town Council, Peel Street, Houghton Regis LU5 5EY. The next dates are  Wednesday 23rd July 2014 (9.30 – 11.30) and  Tuesday 5th August 2014 (11.00 – 13.00).   T o make an appointment  please call his constituency office on 01582 662821


Major electrical diversionary works start this weekend and will mean several weekends of closures that will affect traffic heading north east out of Houghton Regis. Houghton Road will be closed from 6am on Saturday 19th until 6am on Monday 21st July. Houghton Road is the bridge over the M1 near Houghton Regis. Also closed on 26th & 27th July. Luton Road, Chalton will be closed from 6am on Saturday 2nd until 6am on Monday 4th August. Luton Rd is the road through Chalton towards Toddington. Also may be closed on 9th & 10th August, in which case the first weekend closure of Sundon Rd, below, will not be required. Sundon Road may be closed from 6am on Saturday 9th until 6am on Monday 11th August. Sundon Rd is the road through to Sundon Park and Lower Sundon.  If not closed on this weekend, then the closure will happen on 17th and 18th August. Diversions will be in place via Houghton Regis town centre, Bedford Rd, Toddington and Chalton. Or from Lower Sundo

Highways Summer Remedial Works For Houghton Regis

Highways have scheduled a few items of works for the town following a walk about with CBC councillor Sue Goodchild, and others. If you have spotted a problem near you that you think needs fixing, be sure to report it ! Location Issue/defect Action Douglas Crescent Uneven footway surface outside no. 7 - 11 No action at present – footway is uneven but does not contain any vertical trip hazards continue to monitor for now. Uneven footway near junction Houghton Road Footway patching required – order to be raised for 16 sq.m of footway patching – to be completed by the end of Aug Houghton Road Tree from garden of no. 88 over hanging footway Letter written to resident Bidwell Hill/Rosalyn Way Two areas of overgrown vegetation Order to be raised and completed by the end of August to get both areas cut back High Street junc. Whitehouse Close Keep clear box required There i

Co-Op Site, Houghton Regis - Petition Handed In

A petition calling for provision to be made for a social club in Houghton Regis  was handed in this morning by Cllr Alan Winter on behalf of Liberal Democrats. The petition calls upon Central Bedfordshire Council to make provision for social club premises in its re-development plans for the Co-op site, Houghton Regis. Online signatures totalled 322. A further hand-written collection of 205 signatures were also handed in.  Read more...

Hot Weather Warning As Intruders Are About !

An attempted burglary in Elm Park Close, Houghton Regis, has prompted local councillor, Alan Winter to urge residents on Parkside to be on their guard during hot weather.  On this occasion, Friday the 11th of July, during the morning, a householder was able to disturb the intruder after they attempted to gain entry via the rear garden, and trying to force open a patio door. If you have any information about this incident, quote crime reference, J D / 2 6 7 7 5 / 2014.  Cllr Winter said, "The crime reduction advice is to make your boundaries difficult or impossible to climb over. At the simplest level this means don't leave things like wheelie bins in places that could help an intruder to climb over. Planting up prickly bushes near the boundary is not a quick measure, but something to be considered, longer term. And I'd say, don't leave accessible open windows and doors unattended, even for a moment." Other Crime reduction advice from Bedfordshire Po

Houghton Regis Carnival 2014 - Pictures and Have Your Say

Matt Holbrook, as Robbie Williams, entertained in the afternoon of the Carnival. Wide selection of stalls giving local people opportunity to show off their skills, wares, causes, as well as a chance to fundraise for their charities. One of the many procession entrants at this years Carnival. More here:    Mark Bond Fire Breathing Act. Don't try this at home! Have Your Say on This Year's Carnival Loading...

Houghton Regis Carnival 12th July

Events on the Arena of The Green, Houghton Regis start at 10am. The highlight of the day will be Robbie Williams Tribute Act, Millenium. Carnival entries will be judged at 10:00am outside Houghton Regis Academy. The Carnival Procession leaves Houghton Regis Academy at 10:30am and will move off towards Sundon Road, Hillborough Crescent, Tithe Farm Road, High Street, The Green, arriving there about 11:30am 10am-11:15am Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust 'Pet Dog of the Year' 11:20am Zumba with Gina 12:30pm Carnival to be officially opened by the Town Mayor, Councillor Laura Ellaway (may be earlier if hot) 1:15pm  Donna's Dancing School 1:45pm Thornhill Majorettes 2:00pm Punch & Judy Show 2:30pm Mark Bond - Fire Breathing Act 3:00pm Millennium - Tribute to Robbie Williams A strict timetable will be followed by organisers during the day, and Tithe Farm Road will be closed to through traffic while the procession is in progress. Toilets will be prov

£20m Awarded for Road to Divert Traffic From Houghton Regis Town Centre

Funding for a new road to connect  the Woodside industrial estate at Porz Avenue, Houghton Regis, to the planned new M1 junction 11a has been agreed.  The award of £20m was announced this week, among other road plans for the South Midlands, by Dan Rogerson MP, Minister for Water, Forestry and Rural Affairs. Cllr Alan Winter, Houghton Regis Town Council, "It's great that the funding is secured. This road will really help to divert traffic away from Houghton Regis town centre. Once built will it will seriously help management of traffic that currently leaves Houghton Regis via the Sundon Road. Back in 2011 I video'd traffic going through Houghton Regis. In rush hour it used to take a good 25 minutes to get from Tesco, Dunstable Road, to the Red Lion, Bedford Road. I would expect massive improvements in a few years time." 2011 VIDEO: How the traffic used to crawl thr

New Housing Allocations Policy for Central Bedfordshire This Summer

This summer, Central Bedfordshire Council are introducing a new scheme to allocate social housing that they say will be simpler to understand. The scheme will favour those working, over non-working families; hold a separate register for over 50s; and low paid workers in private rented accommodation will be able to join the register. But those with assets over £23,250; or those with enough to income to buy in their own right; those without a local connection; and those without a housing need will not be able to join the register. Further details available at To join the housing register applicants should complete an application form. You can get one by calling 0300 300 8302 email Or by writing to: The Housing Register Team  Central Bedfordshire Council  Priory House  Monks Walk  Chicksands  Shefford  Bedfordshire  SG1

Especially for parents With Young Children: Have Your Say!

A consultation is currently underway in Central Bedfordshire seeking local feedback on 4 possible options for delivering important services to local families. Since 2011, more emphasis has been placed on early help and intervention , to target services at those families who need them the most. Resources go to the most vulnerable families , helping them to address the issues they face, giving them the best chance to thrive and fulfil their potential. Targeted services include things like intensive parenting support , working with Job Centre Plus to provide training and employment opportunities to help parents into work , and other measures to better tackle child poverty and reduce health inequality . The four options outline who will be able to access services and what sort of support will be provided. All services will be delivered from the existing 9 children’s centre hubs and the overall budget for them is not affected . The four possible models are: • Option 1 – existing

Now, Recycle Small Electrical and Electronic Items

Do you have  small waste electric and electronic items, reusable textiles and household batteries? These are now to be collected by alongside usual waste and recycling collections. To ensure their collection, place the items inside a supermarket type carrier bag and leave them by your wheelie bins on their usual day of collection. The collection crews will apply a sticker informing the resident of any item that cannot be accepted. Yes please Bedside lamps, blenders, calculators, cameras, chargers,  digi-boxes, electric toothbrushes, electronic toys and games, food  processors, hair dryers, hi-fi equipment (including speakers), irons,  juicers, kettles, power tools, shavers, telephones, toasters and  torches. Batteries include: 6v, D, C, AA, AAA, 9v, button and mobile  phone batteries (bag separately). No thanks  Regardless of si