Zebra Crossings Coming to Court Drive, Dunstable, This Summer

Three zebra crossings are to be installed at Court Drive Dunstable, this summer, during the school holidays. They will replace the existing courtesy crossings.

A survey has shown that a controversial road scheme in Dunstable's theatre and shopping zone only has a 62% approval rating for improving the look of the area, and 44% disagreed that traffic had slowed down. So, this summer a local Council is to spend more money making more adjustments to try to improve the situation.

More than a thousand Dunstable residents took part in a survey as part of Central Bedfordshire Council’s review of the scheme. 

Those surveyed said the present scheme:
Improves the look of the area (62%)
Reduces speed (61%)
Improves traffic flow (68%) 
Encourages visitors (62%)
More than half (56%) agreed that traffic had slowed down, although official speed monitoring confirmed that average speed actually dropped to 22mph.

The public survey showed that courtesy crossings that had been removed by the scheme were a big concern, and for motorists, the delineation of lanes.

This summer the Council will make improvements including: 

Making three of the most popular courtesy crossings conventional Zebra crossings giving priority to pedestrians.
Tactile paving in the areas and on these crossings will assist blind and visually impaired pedestrians.
A red surface will be put down for a bus lane.
There will be clearer signage about parking.
Improved clarity for drivers approaching the Asda roundabout from the east.
Give way lines at the Kingsway and College Drive junction.
Pedestrian friendly gully grate covers.
These improvements will be implemented during the school holidays in order to minimise disruption.