Shoppers Parking Problem in Hillborough Crescent

Local upset has been caused by a pub in Houghton Regis suddenly employing the services of a private parking company. The Harvest Home in Hillborough Crescent has put up large signs saying that if anyone parks there without a permit, they could be liable for a fine of up to £100 a day.


Parking permits are available to customers of the pub, or to anyone who purchases a permit from them. The car park of the pub has previously been used by shoppers visiting a parade of shops opposite. There is a layby outside the shops, restricting parking to 20 minutes, but this is frequently full. Now, the shoppers risk a fine for parking in the pub car park, or a fine for parking on double yellow lines on the road.

The landlord claims that too many people were abusing the car park, changing engines in them, or even parking there and going on holiday.

HRND has been passed emails showing a growing agreement between the landlord of the pub and a senior shop owner, but these are confidential. Let's hope they resolve this soon for the benefit of all.

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