"Random, Pointless, Vandalism" Blamed for Slashed Tyres

Three non white males on pedal cycles are being blamed for a tyre slashing spree in Houghton Regis.

Youths were chased off by a nearby resident after being caught slashing tyres in the Milton Way area of Houghton Regis late on Sunday evening. 

Around 10 vehicles parked in Milton Way, Sandringham Drive and Evans Close were damaged on Sunday. Eye witnesses reported seeing three teenage boys near one of the damaged cars, who ran away when they challenged and attempted to chase after them.

The three youngsters are described as black, aged 14 – 15, one wore a red tracksuit, one wore a blue tracksuit and another dressed in a grey tracksuit.

Anyone with information relating to this incident can contact Bedfordshire Police in confidence on 101, or text information to 07786 200011.

Police say they don’t appear to have a motive at the moment, and that the act was "just pure random pointless vandalism which has not happened to this extent before." Investigative leads are being followed up.
If residents notice any suspicious behaviour late in the evening near other cars call the police straight away.