Distraction Robbery Warning

Police are warning people to be aware to the possibility of a
distraction robbery. 7 incidents of this kind have been reported recently in Luton/Dunstable/Houghton Regis area.

Bedfordshire Police is also reminding residents not to allow unexpected visitors into their homes and follow these tips:

Shut and lock the back door before you open the front – these offenders often work in pairs. 
All police officers, immigration officials and utility staff carry ID cards. Make them show the card, and then use the number in the phone book to call the relevant company and check that they are a genuine member of staff. Make sure they wait outside while you do this. 
Always stay with the caller while they are in your home. You should be suspicious if they want to look round on their own. 
Never show anyone where you keep valuables. Do not keep large amounts of money in the house – even if you think it is well hidden. 
If you are at all suspicious of the caller, DO NOT LET THEM IN. Lock the door and call the police.