A verbal police report to Houghton Regis Town Council last night (24/6/2014) told of ups and downs of crime levels in the town.

Sgt Linda Wilson told of increases in vehicle crime, up from 15 to 28, burglary other up from 15 to 28. Robberies to the person were at 0, and domestic burglaries were down. Comparing the current period with the 5 year trend average, crime is on the downward slope. Calls about anti social behaviour nuisances including Bedford Square had fallen from 139 to 91 compared to the same period last year, and calls about transport related events were down 5 to 48.

Operation Meteor was a scheme to combat nuisance off road bikers, and Bedfordshire Police had borrowed police bikers from Herts Police to help with this problem. Operation Reservation is a scheme to combat nuisance drivers, particularly in the Foster Avenue and Porz Avenue area and has operated on two consecutive Sundays this month. On the Sunday just gone police had served 17 traffic orders, and 2 orders for possession of cannabis had been issued. The Operation had taken a zero tolerance approach using 7 cars and police dogs.

Operation Hana is a scheme funded by the Town Council to provide more police hours for the town. Two arrests had taken place recently; 1 was for a person wanted for fraud, and one was for a minor stabbing incident.

Councillors thanked the officer for her report and for the police taking action on Sundays against noisy speed-trial drivers.