BBC's Nick Coffer Captures The Opinions and Views of Houghton Regis

Nick Coffer's 12-3 Show today on BBC Three Counties Radio covered a wide range of topics as usual, but ALL from Houghton Regis. Find out what local people had to say about the town in Listen Again. The Broadcast is available online for the next seven days.

HRND editor, Alan Winter, "At 1:50 into the show you can even hear yours truly talking about Houghton Regis News Desk."

"The News Desk was never about me, it was always about capturing public opinions and reaction to whatever the latest thing that is happening. And there always has been a strong control on swearing, in order to promote people giving their constructive comments."

Listen again by clicking here:

On the Show you can hear:
18:00 Nicola Bell on Houghton Regis Library
35:57 Jimmy Carroll - Houghton Regis History
1:16 Jenny & Eric from Houghton Regis Helpers
1:34 Pam Gill On Craft and Coffee Pop-in
1:46 Graham Taylor on St Vincent's Social Club
1:50 Myself - on Houghton Regis News Desk and Community Diary
2:09 Andrew Roberts - on MS and his wife, Christine
2:18 Pat Hamill - on the Houghton Regis ghost
2:21 Haydn talking about the Lottery Funding for Houghton Hall Park
2:32 Nick Coffer talking to D&I Family Butchers
2:51 Mayor Peter Williams with Jan Cooper