Free Check To Make Sure Your Car is Street Legal (30 April 2014)

Correct tyre pressure? Sufficient tread on tyres? Lights all working?

Drivers are again being offered the chance to ensure that their cars are in good condition by taking them for a free check, courtesy of the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership.

A local event takes place in Central Bedfordshire from 11 - 6pm at Sainsburys in Dunstable on the

30 April 2014.

All vehicle checks will be performed by a group of specialists from the companies Autohome (breakdown) ProTyres/MichelDever (tyre supplier and fitter) and Autoglass (repair and replacement windscreens).

Cars will have their tyre pressures and treads checked, along with lights, windscreen wipers and fluids.

Road safety officers will be available to offer advice, and everyone who attends will receive a free drivers’ pack containing high visibility vest, ice scraper, an emergency foil blanket and tyre depth gauge along with advice regarding driving safely.

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