Duke of Burgundy Threatened at Totternhoe - Please help to save him!

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Please help us save local rare and threatened butterflies

Did you know that one of the UK’s rarest butterflies, the Duke of Burgundy, lives on your doorstep?

This elusive butterfly can be spotted from late April to early July at Totternhoe nature reserve in Bedfordshire, where the Wildlife Trust is managing chalk grassland habitat especially for these beautiful insects. 

Changes to our towns, cities and countryside mean that butterflies have fewer places to call home. Last year the State of Nature report confirmed that over the last 50 years a frightening 60% of monitored UK butterfly species have declined. 

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We want to restore and link together areas of chalk grassland for the benefit of butterflies and a host of other creatures, for example, turtle doves, slow-worms and small mammals, but we need your help. We are planning to remove or cut back scrub, control invasive plants and repair fencing so that livestock can graze. We have secured a grant of £44,346 towards this vital work but we still need to raise £20,000 to make these places perfect for butterflies. 

Butterflies are beautiful and essential to the health of the environment but they are disappearing fast. Donate now to help ensure a more colourful future for all of us. 

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With best wishes

Nancy Reed
Bedfordshire Reserves Manager