"Bidwell West" Developers Lay out Their Plans

This week consultants representing a development consortium laid out their plans for building new homes to the north west of Houghton Regis at two consultations held at All Saints Academy.

"Bidwell West" is the working title for the new development area that covers the Thorn hamlet and land west of the Bidwell hamlet, in Houghton Regis. When active, the developers website at http://www.dlpconsultants.co.uk/bidwellwest/ should give more information.

View from quarry edge towards the Blue Waters wood land. (Click or tap to enlarge).
Developers plan to keep the foreground of this area as a country park, with playing fields to the east of the sewage works (off the left hand edge). 

A new road would sweep around the edge of Blue Waters woodland and then cross the hillside towards Plaiters Way. 

If you visualised this picture cut into four, then they would build in the top right quadrant, and the top left quadrant (except for Blue Waters woodland). The left and right lower quadrants would be kept as open space, with the potential for a visitors centre for the Wildlife Trust to continue to manage the quarry from, and additional land. The proposed visitor centre could also provide a revenue stream to help the Wildlife Trust.

This next picture is taken on the Icknield Way, from the north west corner of the Blue Waters woodland.

View towards Thorn Road (top right) and sewage works(top left)
The Icknield Way runs across this field towards the Thorn Road (although you would be forgiven for not being able to see a footpath). The developers would build on most of this land, with land very top left would be preserved for formal gardens and recreation.

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