"74% of residents feel safe when outside in their local area after dark" - Community Safety Panel

Reducing domestic burglary and cutting down the number of victims of anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse are top of the list for Central Bedfordshire’s Community Safety Partnership (CSP) in the coming year.
Central Bedfordshire Council is part of the CSP and its Executive Committee considered on Tuesday (18 March) the successes and challenges of the past year as well as the focus for 2014-15.

The CSP plan sets out how, over the next twelve months, the partnership will tackle safety issues that are consistently identified by the public as high priorities when consulted through surveys and awareness raising events.

The Council are keen to get the right level of policing and are working with the Police and the Police Commissioner Olly Martins, to ensure they develop constructive and effective ways of policing Central Bedfordshire.

The CSP works with local residents to ensure that it understands the safety problems in the community and sets clear priorities to meet identified needs. It includes members from the police, council, health services, probation trust and fire and rescue services. By working together they are successfully dealing with complex community safety and crime problems and promoting public confidence in the services they offer, helping to keep residents safer in their homes and on the streets.
Working together has resulted in:
74% of residents feeling safe when outside in their local area after dark, which is a 4% increase on the results from surveys carried out in April 2013

95% of residents feeling safe during the day in Central Bedfordshire

a significant increase in the number of peer mentors providing support and mentoring for those who have a substance misuse problem in Central Bedfordshire

an increase in venues within Central Bedfordshire where clients can access support for their substance misuse issues.

Improved used of Pub watch, a night time economy initiative aimed at reducing alcohol related violence and anti social behaviour. This is achieved by banning perpetrators within all pubs signed up to the agreement. Thus far, it has implemented 40 bans across Central Bedfordshire with most notable success in the Biggleswade and Sandy area with a total of 27 bans

A partnership approach to metal thefts has been taken over the past 12 months and as a result heft of metal has reduced by 16% in Central Bedfordshire

For further information visit http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk