The A-Z of Houghton Regis. Letters A-G

Responses given by Facebook readers to name something about the town.

The A-Z of Houghton Regis. Be the 1st to write something with the letter "G".

Gateway club
Has to be the Green.
great people
grove rd
Grass Green,
Green Grass of Ho...
Gardens Garden at Houghton Hall.
garage , one as you enter Houghton and one as you leave, spoilt for choice.
Grave stones in church Yard.

The A-Z of Houghton Regis. Be the first to write something starting with "F" to do with the town.

F***ing idiots
farm close
Fensome drive
Fill the potholes
Fields all around Houghton, that are soon to disappear under new housing.
flag, flying at the church.
Football teams.
Friends and families
Fiona on front desk up the nick sundon rd!:-D
FC houghton Saturdays
Fensomes Farm
Fun Space - social group for adults with special requirements. If you know anyone that would benefit from a fun, social morning doing a range of activities do pass this link to them. Factories

The A-Z of Houghton Regis. Be the first to write something starting with "E" to do with the town.

East hill
East end
endless traffic
Even more roadworks
elm park close
Empty.. boarded up houses
Educating, thats what alot of the lil scumbags need
Exit out of this place
Exercise - walking to Dunstable via the path running alongside the busway.
Exercise, excercise. Come and join the Health Walkers TODAY and every Thursday, on the Green by the Cricket Pavilion 2 pm.
Houghton Regis News Desk: it's raining, Sue!
Yes, it was raining BUT there were 9 of us out walking, looking at the snowdrops in Houghton Hall Park and enjoying a tea and chat at the cafe in Bedford Square afterwards. We are hoping for sunshine next week!
Houghton Regis News Desk: Extraordinary walkers!

The A-Z of Houghton Regis. Be the first to write something starting with "D" to do with the town.

Dog and duck x
Dury lane
Dog kennel
dental practice
Dad, he was born there in 1920.
Houghton Regis News Desk:Dancing, especially on Mondays at Memorial Hall: Tea Dance, Sequence Dancing, Line Dancing. see Houghton Regis Diary
drinking and dancing in the harvest home
Drivers - lots of them around here. Young drivers can get on a free course to improve their skills. Free driving courses for young drivers in March
D and I butchers
We are a Dance school & cover Ballet,Tap,Modern dance we are based in Dunstable,Bedfordshire,please click us and see what we have to offer.
Drains, especially blocked ones. I've been told they are cleaned on a three year cycle, next cycle in 2015. And in the meantime what do we do about the blocked ones?
Demolished - demolished building in high street, tragic waste.
Dodging potholes in the roads!
Drury lane

A to Z of Houghton Regis. Today, the Letter C. Be the 1st to name something starting with ‘C’ about Houghton Regis.

Young community
carpet shop
Clarkes Way where my baby grew up
Corrupt council
Chelsea gardens cannabis
Council do a pretty good job
Houghton Regis News Desk: Children's Chelsea Gardens playground
Houghton Regis News Desk: Concrete at Kirton Way. 
Coucillors who do wonderful work
Consideration. There is a lack of when mums are dropping kids of at the school at the back of bedford sq, there was a car taking up the whole of the footpath this morning. There are 3 car parks 3 mins from the school, start using them and think about the rest of us. Consideration cost nothing
Chelsea Gardens, my street
Houghton Regis News Desk:Corsa in Cemetery Road - car bonnet stolen from new car!
Houghton Regis News Desk:Certsure and Ascertiva Group that has 6ft images of some of its staff on the outside of its Houghton Regis premises
Community Craft Workshop - Monday evenings, Baptist church.
Coppers, not on the beat but in their cop cars.
Craft and Coffee Pop In, next one on the 12th Feb at Community Centre.
Cemetery; Co-op
Cars photos taken of people who have no consideration blocking paths and drop kerbs so mums with buggys elderly and disabled scoters can not go to bedford sq appalled

A to Z of Houghton Regis. Today, the Letter B. Name something starting with B to do with Houghton Regis.

Bedford square
Beaver Scouts - There are two Fantastic Beaver Section in Houghton Regis alone. One near Morrisons and one at thorn hill lower school So why not give Scouting ago sections are - Beavers 6 - 8yrs Cubs 8 - 11 yrs scouts 10 yrs - 14 yrs
Bidwell, now is it pronounced bidl or bid-well.
Bozos plenty of them about
Beech Tree Way
Bloody Zebra Crossings
Block paving that isn't actaully real blocks. All around the area of the bloody zebra crossings.
Buses, Buses, Buses. And why does the A and the 38 operate at the same times in both directions.
Broken (Smashed) Bus stops
Bloomin nice day for a change
Brilliant butchers Bedford square!
Bromley gdns
Bank, even if it is very limited hours, it's still a bank.
Barbers, called Sandys.
Babtist church
Bedford Road and Bedford Court plus BT messing up and closing footpaths

A to Z of Houghton Regis. Today, the Letter A. Name something starting with A to do with Houghton Regis.

fred Alsop Olympic athlete with rd named after him or All saints church
All saints church
angels lane
A - bus disaster
All Saints Academy
action group. Is there any acting?
Arts and Craft group
Asda and not A bad place to live usually.