Unemployed? Get on This Skills Course!


Who is eligible to study for a Work Skills course for the unemployed?
1. You must be unemployed, but there is no minimum time restriction.
2. You must be aged 19 or over as at 31st August 2013.
3. You must be in receipt of a state benefit and looking for work.
4. You must have lived in the UK or wider European Economic Area for at least 3 years. If less than 3 years you will still be eligible if your husband / wife, civil partner, parent or grandparent has been a resident for the last 3 years.
5. You must have the Right of Abode to live in the UK  - that is the right to live in the UK without any immigration restrictions.
6. You must live in England now.
7. You must have a Nation Insurance Number.

How much does it cost?

Financially, it costs you absolutely nothing. It will however require a degree of tenacity and some discipline to complete each of the courses.

If it costs me nothing and the job centre doesn’t pay - who does?
The cost of the training is met by the Skills Funding Agency which is part of the Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

What topics are covered?

The content of each course varies but units include:
- Managing your Health at Work
- Career Progression
- Searching for a Job
- Applying for a Job
- Preparing for an Interview
- Positive Attitudes and Behaviours at Work
- Working in a Team
- Building Working Relationships with Colleagues
- Managing your Health at Work
- Solving Work Related Problems
- Managing your own Money

How long does the course last for?

Each course is normally completed over four days with 8 hours on each day.  There will also be a small number of supporting tasks to do in your own time.  Depending on the course it will be spread over two, three or four weeks.  Some course may be ‘double programmes’ and will be two days per week for 4 weeks.

What happens if I am struggling with the work required?

Your tutor is always available to offer help and guidance. We pride ourselves on the support offered to candidates to complete the course.

Is the final qualification recognised?

Yes it is. The qualifications you receive are nationally recognised and demonstrate a desire by the recipient to enhance their future prospects and realise their full potential.

Can I do another qualification after this one?

So long as you still meet the eligibility criteria, yes you can.

What is Skills Box?

When you complete certain qualifications with TQ Training, you can earn Skills Box credit. These can be redeemed against a range of training courses and qualifications.   Each relevant course attracts 7 Skills Box credits.  Double courses attract 14 credits. Visit www.tqtraining.co.uk/skillsbox for more information.