Trees Plotted and Proof of Old Wall Found

An exercise was carried out today in Houghton Regis around Houghton Hall Park to identify and plot various trees. And additional work was carried out to uncover proof that a wall once surrounded the kitchen garden by the side of Houghton Hall.

The work was in connection with a Landscape Discovery Day, and a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to note the historical and heritage value of Houghton Hall Park.

Alan Winter, one of those taking part, said, "We were given copies of old maps that had been overlain with modern maps, to help us understand where things might have been. I learnt that the new bowling green pavilion in Moore Crescent was once very likely to have been an orchard, for example. And a large beech tree in the small woodland beyond Moore Crescent goalpost, towards Houghton House, was once at the end of an attractive formal garden. In fact if you look closely in that area, you'll see several exotic plants and trees that look out of place. It would be really nice to get this area looking good again."

He continued, "I was involved in digging near the beech hedge that runs around the "kitchen garden" area. The map showed a line that indicated there might have once been a wall. Digging down, we found evidence to support that. In one corner, the wall was supposed to go diagonally, so I was quite excited to dig a small trench and actually find evidence of this."

The afternoon was spent plotting various trees around the park, estimating their heights, girths, and species.

Another day of activity is planned for next Sunday, 26th  the summer. If anyone else is interested in coming along to help discover the past, please contact in the first instance. Times 10am-3pm, bring a packed lunch. Refreshment supplied.