Central Bedfordshire Lib Dems Reorganise to Exert More Influence on the Council

Bedfordshire's Liberal Democrat Local Parties have restructured themselves. Instead, of the old parliamentary constituency boundaries the new set-up is based on Local Authority boundaries. As a consequence there are now 3 local parties in Bedfordshire: Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton.

Richard Kennedy, Chairman of the new Central Bedfordshire Liberal Democrats, explains:
"The Government’s aim to give Local Authorities more responsibility means we need to maintain and further develop a comprehensive overview of the policies and practices of Authorities like Central Bedfordshire Council."

"Our new structures enhance our ability to keep on top of what the Tory administration is about.  It is essential to protect the voters of Central Bedfordshire by exerting more influence on the Council."

"Our new structure ensures we are well-placed to challenge and question the Council whenever necessary.  The residents of Central Bedfordshire need to have a Council dedicated to achieving a strong economy within a fair society".