Parkside Drive - Connect to Woodside Or Not?

Impression of the playing and amenity field if Parkside Drive
is connected to "Woodside Connection".
How do you feel now about the CBC proposal?
Before answering, you may want to read this:

Extra noise and pollution in Parkside Drive?
Unsafe to play on?
Would it be used as a rat-run to other parts of Houghton Regis?
Detrimental affect on health and quality of life?
Safety of children and dogs?
Air quality?
What about noise at the narrowest point - would residents there be able to sleep with windows open?
Removal of hedgerow?
Effect on wildlife?

Read some representations by others:

Have Your Say. Comment below, or more formally to

"If you have a legal interest in land affected by a nationally significant infrastructure project and have not already registered to become an interested party, then you can make a request to the Examining Authority to become an interested party under s102A of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended)."

This is for people who have recently, since the start of hte examination, acquired land that would be affected by the plans and were not told by the developer.


Letter received from a resident

"Hello, I was the only local resident Interested Party attending the meeting yesterday and was given opportunity to speak, which I wasn't expecting, so it was a bit overwhelming. The Town Clerk, Clare Evans, and I were disappointed not to be able to talk about our written representations on the Parkside Link, but that will come later, or so we are told. The examiner needs more than a week to digest all the contributions besides ours. Nevertheless, I asked about the construction compound which appeared to be accessed via Parkside Drive. It was quite confusing and very tiring, but Clare and I stuck it out all the way to 4.00pm.

What was clear is that Mr Roberts the examiner is disappointed that not one person had registered a desire to speak at the Open Floor Hearing on January 23rd 2014 by the deadline for registering on 7th November. This is the opportunity for anyone to attend, and Interested Parties may speak or ask about anything at all in the plans, there's no agenda. You create the agenda. That is our opportunity. But like others I don't make plans that far ahead so I thought I'd leave it and see how things go. That's not the way they operate. You have to book ahead for the right to speak and attend. You may turn up on the day but take the risk of there being no space. Mr Roberts will cancel that Open Floor hearing on 23rd January unless he receives requests to speak by the revised deadline of 21st November, which is this coming Thursday. "

Interested parties can request to speak by emailing the Planning Inspectorate case team: