News You May Have Missed - to 8 Nov 2013

CBC Highways Annual Report  report on Google drive (may not display on IE on older PCs). - Nov 8th

Fingers Crossed for Houghton Regis Swimming Pool 

NOV 8th DEBATES. BAN THE BOOK: Nadine Dorries is advocating the banning of a book that she claims "... actually advocates the beating of children, under the age of 12 months, using a switch. Facebook Comments

Nov 5th: Crime - Garage break-ins Facebook Comments

Nov 7th - Raising money for keech hospice collecting ' beany bears ' to sell after Christmas.

Events at Kings Arms, Houghton Regis

Nov 7th: Police are seeking witnesses following a spate of robberies by a teenage gang in the area. The group usually travel on bikes. Story and comments.

Nov 7th: WATER: Are you a low user? You could be saving money by not paying standing charges. Story and comments

Nov 4th: TITHE FARM: Bedfordshire Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after two teenagers were taken to hospital for treatment after being assaulted by a gang of youths in Houghton Regis last week.  Story and comments

Nov 4th: No star for the Houghton Regis Christmas Tree. Story and comments

Nov 6th: 20 years Prison for Prolific Drug Dealers frrom Leagrave and Dunstable. Link

Nov 6th: Woodside Link - HRTC to Object to Parkside Link Story and Comments

May 12th (Liked this week): An old building opposite Morrison's supermarket, at 74-76 High Street, has been given permission to have its superstructure demolished as it is now unsafe. But in a twist to the decision, it has been made absolutely clear to the applicants that removal of the foundations would be subject to a separate planning application. Liked this week

Nov 4th: Lost dog. Story and comment

Nov 3rd: Zumba in Houghton Regis

Nov 3rd: The Houghton Regis Town Crier

Nov 2nd: Fireworks comments

Nov 1st: Where's Wally?

Nov 1st: Commentary on the modern Houghton Regis compared to the old Houghton Regis village. Story and comments