Autism and ADHD - Knowledge and Information

Thanks to funding from Central Beds Council, Home Start a family support charity and Outside-iN, a voluntary organisation who support families of children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD, have joined together to create an exciting new initiative.  
The Bedfordshire Autism and ADHD Toolkit aims to provide a range of services to families who are affected by these conditions.  These are lifelong conditions and our aim is to provide the ‘tools’ needed for success.
Linda Johnson, Chief Executive Officer for Home-Start in Central Bedfordshire said “this is a very exciting project and shows the commitment of CBC, Outside-iN and Home-Start to provide tangible practical help and support to parents who have a child or children with these conditions”   Home-Start has been working to support families who are experiencing difficulties since 1984 through a variety of different projects and have a team of specially trained volunteers who can offer practical and emotional support to families in their homes.  They are always looking for more volunteers to join the team.
ADHD and Autism are hidden disabilities that often go unrecognised and are widely misunderstood; every aspect of a person’s life can be affected.  Official statistics show that ADHD affects between 5% and 7% of the population and 1% of people are diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. 
Helen Child co-founder of Outside-iN said “these conditions are very common in children and young people and can be very challenging to manage both at home and in school.  It is essential that parent/carers are well informed and knowledgeable about their child’s condition and education is a big part of the formula for success”.
Outside-iN aims encourage parents/carers to gain as much knowledge and information as they can to support their children to lead happy and fulfilling lives and achieve their full potential. 
Outside-iN provide a range of services to both parents and professionals that include regular support groups throughout the county, a helpline, specialist coaching and parent training courses.
For further information about this project please contact:-
Linda Johnson or Nikki Campbell – Home-Start: 01582 660061
Helen Child or Debbie Savage – Outside-iN: 01462 813282
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November 2013