Free Biking courses for Young Adults

FREE COURSE FOR 16years-20years old  BIKERS:
Young adults planning to travel by moped, scooter or motorbike can visit
to book onto a Take Control course with a local instructor.

Each course lasts for four hours and is made up of a majority of  on-road riding and a small amount of classroom work (usually involving a cup of tea and a chat about bikes!), the main focus of the course is to provide riders with the skills and knowledge to make better decisions on the road. Our instructors will assess your riding and will be able to help with any areas of riding you want to work on.

To take part just contact one of the local training bodies who are supporting the scheme;
1 on 1 Rider Training – call Martyn on 01525 631 006
Bedford Motorcycle Training – call Sue on 01234 766590
Chiltern Motorcycle Training – call Dave on 07806 601180
Assured Motorcycle Training – call Audrey on 01582 877338
CAMRider Motorcycle Training call David on 01234 490492