Ignore the recycling messages on plastic food wrappers - Central Beds does it all

By waste Recycling Officer for Central Bedfordshire:

Recycling in Central Bedfordshire

Having been out and about in Central Bedfordshire at a wide variety of events and having talked to many keen recyclers; it has become apparent that there may be some confusion over the materials that you can put in your orange lidded recycling container.

We have split the materials into 4 categories:

Paper, cardboard and cartons  newspapers, magazines, envelopes, computer paper, shredded paper (wrapped in newspaper or in a cereal box) and catalogues. Boxes, tubes, greetings cards and corrugated cardboard (torn up to A4 size). Fruit juice, smoothies, milk, custard and soup cartons;
Metals  food tins, drinks cans, clean foil and empty aerosols,
Plastics  all plastic bottles and all types of plastic food packaging;
Worn out textiles  ripped, torn, worn out or stained clothes, shoes, tea towels or pillow cases etc.

We have found that national branding on food packaging has been a cause for confusion. Central Bedfordshire is one of the few authorities that at the moment takes all plastic food packaging at the kerbside, even if it has "cannot currently be recycled" printed on it. Please place all plastic food packaging in your recycling container, including crisp packets, bread bags, biscuit wrappers, meat trays, yoghurt pots, cling film and cellophane etc. To give you more space in your recycling container and to help keep it clean, please rinse and squash where appropriate.

There are facilities for other materials to be recycled at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) that we cannot currently take in your orange lidded containers. Materials such as wood, batteries, light bulbs, electrical items and hardcore, amongst others, can be taken to the HWRC, where they will be sent on for recycling.

Central Bedfordshire Council is currently recycling just over 50% of all our waste. This is fantastic and is thanks to all our residents. With your help we would like to exceed this figure next year. If you require further information please phone 0300 300 8302, or alternatively visit the Central Bedfordshire website at www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/recycling

Many thanks and happy recycling to all our residents.