CRIME IN JUNE 2013 : 57% of all crime in Houghton Regis is anti-social behaviour

Between May and June this year 57% of all reported crime in Houghton Regis was anti-social behaviour. The majority of these reports was to do with noise from cars and motor bikes late at night. Criminal damage and arson made up 11.5% of all crime, and burglary 8.4%. Vehicle crime was 7.1%, violence and sexual offences 6.9%.

In May there were 259 crimes, and June 263.

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Crimes reported in June 2013 
Anti-social behaviour(Includes personal, environmental and nuisance anti-social behaviour) 160
Criminal damage and arson(Includes damage to buildings and vehicles and deliberate damage by fire) 25
Burglary(Includes offences where a person enters a house or other building with the intention of stealing) 16
Vehicle crime(Includes theft from or of a vehicle or interference with a vehicle) 15
Violence and sexual offences(Includes offences against the person such as common assaults, Grievous Bodily Harm and sexual offences) 13
Shoplifting(Includes theft from shops or stalls) 7
Other theft(Includes theft by an employee, blackmail and making off without payment) 5
Other Crimes 9

Outcomes and progress recorded in June 2013 
No further action at this time (There is insufficient evidence to bring anyone to justice at this time. The investigation may be reopened if more information becomes available.) 70
Under investigation (This crime is currently being investigated by the police.)  27
Suspect charged (A suspect has been charged and the case sent to court.) 12
Local resolution (The offender has been put in contact with those affected to repair the harm done and find a positive way forward.) 8
Offender given a caution (The offender was warned about their behaviour, and could be taken to court if they commit another crime.) 3
Offender given community sentence (The court gave the offender a sentence in the community which could include unpaid work, or a curfew and wearing a tag.) 2
Offender given suspended prison sentence (The offender could be sent to prison if they commit another crime.) 2
Offender sent to prison (The offender was sent to prison immediately.) 2
Other Outcomes. 3

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