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20/7 - The Houghton Regis North 1 Planning Application No: CB/12/03613/OUT is due to be considered at a Special Development Management Committee on 28 August. Plans at

20/7 - Promotion: This weekend at the Kings Arms Houghton Funky town disco Friday and The Broadway Twisters on Saturday. [post seen by 799, No likes]

20/7 - Promotion: Party in The park. [post seen by 50, 9 LIKES]

19/7 - report of closure of Mepershall care home.

18/7 - promotion : SHOW UP, SHOW OFF, Central Bedfordshire’s 2013 Talent competition
NEAREST LOCAL VENUE: 7th August Pioneer Centre Manchester Place Dunstable, LU6 1HT
Entries close: 21st July 2013
Finalists masterclass 21st September
Grand final 5th October 2013
If you’re aged between 12 & 18 years old, and have a talent to share, go to and register.
More info, including terms & conditions on the website.

WIN a professionally f ilmed promotional DVD of your act worth £3000

18/7 - Report of injured dog. paws burnt by walking on hot surafces such as concrete or asphalt.  Link to picture

18/7 - reported on free car parking available in Dunstable to coincide with Party In the Park, on 20/7 [Post seen by 1123, 7 Likes]

18/7 - More disruption for Houghton Regis ahead as Highways Agency are planning to close A5 at Thorn Turn to Sewell Lane for resurfacing, and direct traffic into Houghton Regis overnight. [Post seen by 1132 people, 10 comments]  Link to Facebook Page

17/7 - Travel Choices share their Carnival photos.  Link to Facebook Page

17/7 - Appeal for a missing dog.

17/7 - Does this concern you?
The Communications Workers Union’s general secretary Billy Hayes warned that strike action is ‘inevitable’ over the bid to sell up to 90 per cent of Royal Mail, which has been in public ownership for 378 years. [post seen by 1045; 6 comments; mixed opinions]

16/7 - What are you doing in the heatwave? Photo from Poynters Road !  Picture link

16/7 - More discussion on proposals for traffic restrictions, specifically in Tithe Farm Road.

16/7 - Photo shares of Carnival in Houghton Regis.  Link to dropbox file of pictures

16/7 - Sarah Pyatt from the Parkside area of Houghton Regis, lost her son 3 months ago from a sudden cardiac arrest. He had an undiagnosed heart condition.
Sarah told News Desk, "I feel it is my mission to raise awareness and money for the charity CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young. I am planning a charity disco in memory of Jake on September 6th at St Vincents Social Club. I am also looking for raffle prizes.
Thanks, Sarah Pyatt."  Link to Facebook Page

16/7 - Did you know you can now read e-magazines for free through the new library service? Find out more..  Link to story

15/7 - Local people and bikers react to story in Dunstable Gazette about noise nuisance on Woodside Estate. 55 comments. [Post seen by 2,388 people]

15/7 - Local children are invited to take part in a hair-raising Summer Reading Challenge this year.
The Library Challenge encourages children to read six or more books over the summer to collect prizes.

This year's creepy theme invites children to read The Awful Upstairs, The Gruesome Ground Floor and The Spine-tingling Cellar. But, actually, any books can be chosen – from fact books to joke books.

All children can take part. They receive a certificate for reading six books, a wristband for twelve and under, and a medal for eighteen and under. Those who take part can also register on the interactive website (, set up by the Reading Agency which co-ordinates the Challenge.

The Challenge across the country helps gets three quarters of a million children into libraries each summer to keep up their reading skills and confidence.

15/7 - To register your organs, go via - this site is being run by a lady who wants to get 10,000 new donors before she has to die. The online form only takes a few moments for you to complete, and could save a life.

15/7 - Re-publish story of 12th July, Girl assaulted in Windsor Drive field on 2nd July.

15/7 - Is this stolen jewellery yours?

14/7 - Schools Out soon, but what can you do with the children while you're at work? This cut-down document shows you what's available for Houghton Regis. If you need the full brochure from Central Beds go to

14/7 - Shared Poynters Rd works picture  - Link to picture

14/7 - A report on Carrie King, local author, who visited the Carnival for book signings.  Story

14/7 - Time for another look at the outline planning for Houghton Regis North Site 1 ? Lots of documents to scan through. What concerns do you have?

What's planned? Up to 5,150 dwellings (Use Class C3); up to 202,500 sqm gross of additional development in Use Classes: A1, A2, A3 (retail), A4 (public house), A5 (take away); B1, B2, B8 (offices, industrial and storage and distribution); C1 (hotel), C2 (care home), D1 and D2 (community and leisure); car showroom; data centre; petrol filling station; car parking; primary substation; energy centre; and for the laying out of the buildings; routes and open spaces within the development; and all associated works and operations including but not limited to: demolition; earthworks; engineering operations.
[Post seen by 800, but only 1 commentator.]

13/7 - Be an organ donor

13/7 - pre-programmed notices about events about to start on Village Green. (Some events did not happen due to a break down of the PA system)

13/7 - First pictures from the carnival  Picture Link

13/7  - pre-carnival notice.

12/7 -

12/7 - Promotion of Pet Dog of the Year tomorrow. Link

12/7 - List of things on at the Carnival tomorrow.

12/7 - If you would take a transplant to save your life, so, why not register your own parts so that you can be re-used? Do it now. Online.

12/7 - Help with Benefits

12/7 - regular monthly Craft Fair

11/7 - Interview with new Chief Constable. Story link

11/7 - Summer Activities for young people ... To download and print off the programme click on ...

11/7 - Summer 2013 Central Bedfordshire Together -

11/7 - Barking dogs, Coopers Way area.

11/7 - Focus on Lib Dems in Houghton Regis - Summer 2013

10/7 - Get Fit! Circular walks in the area.

10/7 - An accident on the pedestrain crossing between Morrisons and Wilsons Car Sales. One driver drove into the back of another that had stopped for a pedestrian. 57 comments from readers.

10/7 - Have your say on Central Bedfordshire Council’s Equality Strategy
Read the draft Equality Strategy and fill out the online comment form.

10/7 - Pinky Pink, the parrot, went missing and Anita Miller was asking for help to locate him.

10/7 - Map layout of HR Carnival

9/7 - 15 comments on the journey home, since Poynters Rd closure. Seems more are going south via A5 to J9 rather than through HR and to M1 J11. And congestion on Lewsey Rd. But the overall opinion was that journey times are much improved, and Houghton Regis is clear.

9/7 - Bedford Rd, Houghton Regis, School Crossing Update
CBC Customer Services advise: "The School Crossing Patrol site on Bedford Road in Houghton Regis will be made a permanent patrol site. We currently have a standby as the second patrol and we are planning to change this to two permanent patrols later in the year.

9/7 -

9/7 - Leighton Buzzard's Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre is getting a makeover during the next 6 months. Find out more here

9/7 - Police warn not to leave valuables on dislay during warm weather.

8/7 - 1762 images of The brook - Washbrook - at Thorn Turn running westwards towards Sundon Road.  Pictures

8/7 - Changed Facebook banner to a deserted Poynters Rd picture. Picture

8/7 - Live bus times for Houghton Regis (West) 

8/7 -  Live bus times for Houghton Regis (Central) 

8/7 - 18 comments mainly about the closure of Poynters Road and how quiet, for a change, Houghton Regis seemed.

7/7 - Multiple crash on M1 J13-12 reported as happening last night. On 9 July we reported that 2 children were airlifted to hospital. East Anglian Air Ambulance and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance attended.

6/7 - Reminded readers of Cloure of Tithe Farm Rd on Sunday for resurfacing.

6/7 - Reminded readers of Poynters Road closures.

5/7 - Tenders now being invited to run CBC leisure centres. An option to price to re-open HR Swimming Pool will be part of the process.  Story link.

5/7 - Murder Mystery event at the library. Did you go? Tell us what you thought of it!

5/7 - There's a difference at McDonalds. Photo of new road layout.

5/7 - Old view of corner of Village Green.  Picture

4/7 -Short-haired lop rabbit found in houghton regis

4/7 - This week's projects and opportunities.

4/7 - School Crossing Patrol Winners From Houghton 

4/7 - report on a Andrew Selous parliamentry exchange: tax avoidance.

4/7 - We mentioned the Exclusive Brethren who meet in a large building in Houghton Regis without windows. Colin Anderson, "Sound like a right load of pillocks..."

3/7 - Some unfavourable comments about Lottery Win for Houghton Hall Park. Glen McEvoy "I go to the countryside to get away from buildings, cafes, shops, meeting rooms, etc. why do we need to blur the lines between town and country?"

3/7 - New Parking Bays for Disable Badge Holders in Houghton Regis -

3/7 - Road Restrictions Proposals for Houghton Regis

2/7 - Are you aged 17-24 and already driving? Email to sign up for FREE driving skills course

2/7 - Cllr Nigel gets on an electric bike to promote electric bicycling. Picture

2/7 - Cllr Susan Goodchild on passenger frustration at closure of a bus stop in High Street.

2/7 - We report on a  New Tender Opportunity - Refurbishment of Parkside Family Centre
01-07-2013 - Parkside Family Centre
Closing date for Expressions of Interest is Monday, 8 July 2013.  Tenders

2/7 - We revealed that overnight road closures of Lords Hill/ Bedford Rd will be coming in later this week. Some criticism that the closure was also for Saturday afternoon. Link to closure order.

2/7 - Reminder that Up to 15 hours of free childcare for your 2 year old. Find out more

2/7 - Central Bedfordshire Council learnt today that it has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund for the ‘Houghton Hall Park - Renaissance and Renewal’ project. Story Link.

1/7 Houghton Regis Chalk Pit newsletter now available here

1/7 - Arriva bus changes for Poynters Road closures

1/7 - Mobile Roaming Charges
The cost of using a mobile phone abroad will be slashed from tomorrow under the new rules. A price cap on downloading data means looking at maps, checking emails and sending pictures while travelling in EU countries will be 36% cheaper, and 91% cheaper compared to 1997.

30/6 - Leon Warner, a Houghton Regis plumber who smashed a champagne bottle onto the head of another drinker in a Luton pub was jailed for 6 years earlier this month.  Story

30/6 - Five non-executive directors of the east of England Ambulance service have quit in just two days. Story link.