Petition May Have Collected Signatures Under False Pretences

Concern has been raised that signatures have been collected in Tithe Farm Road, Houghton Regis, under false pretences.

A petition was raised by concerned residents to combat a proposal to put parking restrictions around the school in Tithe Farm Road.  On the web site, it is stated that resident Tania Allman, who drew up the petition, was due to have handed it to the Central Bedfordshire Council on Friday (July 26).

Tania is quoted on the web site as saying “It’s going to be difficult to find somewhere else to park if the council don’t put in additional parking for the residents. We’ve had about 200 signatures.”

But in the Facebook group "Houghton Regis ......Whats Occurring in our Community???" one lady wrote, "there was a lady who came to our door today getting people to sign a petition about double yellow lines being placed all way down tithe farm road, we signed it. only to fined out we had been mislead as hubby went to library and got plans and its actually only by the schools to restric the parking in two small areas"

"im not happy that we had signed it and it was under faulse pretences and she mislead us cause as a local resident and with a diability I would totally agree with double yellow lines by schools as I find it impossible to manouvor my self round the appauling parking, as these people don't care how they park , and yet this woman used me as she even phoned papers stating that as I have disability then double yellow line would not be put there, erm but this out side schools not my house which isn't being yellow lined like she claimed so how many others on that pertion signed it because she lied aarrh. cant trust no one these days".

Here's what is involved in the proposals:

To introduce No Waiting at any time on the following lengths of road:
Tithe Farm Road and Camp Drive junction
Tithe Farm Road, east side, from a point in line with the property boundary of nos.12 and 14 Tithe Farm Road in a southerly direction for approximately 31 metres.
Camp Drive, both sides, from its junction with Tithe Farm Road in an easterly direction to a point in line with the boundary of nos.2 and 4 Camp Drive.

Tithe Farm Road, west side, from a point in line with the front wall of no.1 Long Mead in a northerly direction to a point in line with the boundary of no.74 and 76 Tithe Farm Road, including both sides of both ends of the service road adjacent to no.115 Churchfield Road from Tithe Farm Road in a westerly direction to a point in line with the east flank wall of no.146 Churchfield Road.

To introduce No Waiting between 7pm and 6am on the following lengths of road:
Tithe Farm Road, both sides, from a point in line with the boundary of no.88 and no.90 Tithe Farm Road in a generally southerly direction for a distance of approximately 69 metres.

You can read the full notice, which applies to these and many other roads in Houghton Regis and Dunstable, at