Local Author, Carrie King, Visits Houghton Regis Carnival

Local author, Carrie King, visited the Houghton Regis Carnival yesterday to promote her books, and offer signed copies. You can find Carrie's books on Amazon. 

Photo: by Keith Wallis on Facebook

When she was eight, her family moved from Sharpenhoe to Bidwell, and was educated in Dunstable. On her Amazon Page she write, "Wrote first Play at eight and forced siblings to act in front of Parent's House Guests."

As a young married woman with three daughters, any dream of becoming a doctor was soon left behind.

Carrie later wrote for television, encouraged by Christopher Walker, Head of Drama for Central Television and Pam Francis, Journalist for the Independent. In 1997 she began writing The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip for her Great Niece, three-year-old Joni Philipa. The novel evolved into an adventure for much older children.


The American Chronicle: "Carrie King has written a brilliant book, (The Life in the Wood with), Joni Pip, that can stand beside the likes of Catcher in the Rye, The Old Man and the Sea or Walden and not shrink in importance, yet it can be next to Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn or Treasure Island and seem right at home. Joni-Pip is a must for any library; for those who know and love quality writing. Joni-Pip's adventures begin when her family moves to Sherwood Forest to escape the World War Two bombing of Bath, England."