Sunday, 28 July 2013

Petition May Have Collected Signatures Under False Pretences

Concern has been raised that signatures have been collected in Tithe Farm Road, Houghton Regis, under false pretences.

A petition was raised by concerned residents to combat a proposal to put parking restrictions around the school in Tithe Farm Road.  On the web site, it is stated that resident Tania Allman, who drew up the petition, was due to have handed it to the Central Bedfordshire Council on Friday (July 26).

Tania is quoted on the web site as saying “It’s going to be difficult to find somewhere else to park if the council don’t put in additional parking for the residents. We’ve had about 200 signatures.”

But in the Facebook group "Houghton Regis ......Whats Occurring in our Community???" one lady wrote, "there was a lady who came to our door today getting people to sign a petition about double yellow lines being placed all way down tithe farm road, we signed it. only to fined out we had been mislead as hubby went to library and got plans and its actually only by the schools to restric the parking in two small areas"

"im not happy that we had signed it and it was under faulse pretences and she mislead us cause as a local resident and with a diability I would totally agree with double yellow lines by schools as I find it impossible to manouvor my self round the appauling parking, as these people don't care how they park , and yet this woman used me as she even phoned papers stating that as I have disability then double yellow line would not be put there, erm but this out side schools not my house which isn't being yellow lined like she claimed so how many others on that pertion signed it because she lied aarrh. cant trust no one these days".

Here's what is involved in the proposals:

To introduce No Waiting at any time on the following lengths of road:
Tithe Farm Road and Camp Drive junction
Tithe Farm Road, east side, from a point in line with the property boundary of nos.12 and 14 Tithe Farm Road in a southerly direction for approximately 31 metres.
Camp Drive, both sides, from its junction with Tithe Farm Road in an easterly direction to a point in line with the boundary of nos.2 and 4 Camp Drive.

Tithe Farm Road, west side, from a point in line with the front wall of no.1 Long Mead in a northerly direction to a point in line with the boundary of no.74 and 76 Tithe Farm Road, including both sides of both ends of the service road adjacent to no.115 Churchfield Road from Tithe Farm Road in a westerly direction to a point in line with the east flank wall of no.146 Churchfield Road.

To introduce No Waiting between 7pm and 6am on the following lengths of road:
Tithe Farm Road, both sides, from a point in line with the boundary of no.88 and no.90 Tithe Farm Road in a generally southerly direction for a distance of approximately 69 metres.

You can read the full notice, which applies to these and many other roads in Houghton Regis and Dunstable, at

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Recent Posts to Houghton Regis News Desk on Facebook to 20 July 2013

Facebook doesn't send you everything, so here's a place to catch up with what you may have missed.

20/7 - The Houghton Regis North 1 Planning Application No: CB/12/03613/OUT is due to be considered at a Special Development Management Committee on 28 August. Plans at

20/7 - Promotion: This weekend at the Kings Arms Houghton Funky town disco Friday and The Broadway Twisters on Saturday. [post seen by 799, No likes]

20/7 - Promotion: Party in The park. [post seen by 50, 9 LIKES]

19/7 - report of closure of Mepershall care home.

18/7 - promotion : SHOW UP, SHOW OFF, Central Bedfordshire’s 2013 Talent competition
NEAREST LOCAL VENUE: 7th August Pioneer Centre Manchester Place Dunstable, LU6 1HT
Entries close: 21st July 2013
Finalists masterclass 21st September
Grand final 5th October 2013
If you’re aged between 12 & 18 years old, and have a talent to share, go to and register.
More info, including terms & conditions on the website.

WIN a professionally f ilmed promotional DVD of your act worth £3000

18/7 - Report of injured dog. paws burnt by walking on hot surafces such as concrete or asphalt.  Link to picture

18/7 - reported on free car parking available in Dunstable to coincide with Party In the Park, on 20/7 [Post seen by 1123, 7 Likes]

18/7 - More disruption for Houghton Regis ahead as Highways Agency are planning to close A5 at Thorn Turn to Sewell Lane for resurfacing, and direct traffic into Houghton Regis overnight. [Post seen by 1132 people, 10 comments]  Link to Facebook Page

17/7 - Travel Choices share their Carnival photos.  Link to Facebook Page

17/7 - Appeal for a missing dog.

17/7 - Does this concern you?
The Communications Workers Union’s general secretary Billy Hayes warned that strike action is ‘inevitable’ over the bid to sell up to 90 per cent of Royal Mail, which has been in public ownership for 378 years. [post seen by 1045; 6 comments; mixed opinions]

16/7 - What are you doing in the heatwave? Photo from Poynters Road !  Picture link

16/7 - More discussion on proposals for traffic restrictions, specifically in Tithe Farm Road.

16/7 - Photo shares of Carnival in Houghton Regis.  Link to dropbox file of pictures

16/7 - Sarah Pyatt from the Parkside area of Houghton Regis, lost her son 3 months ago from a sudden cardiac arrest. He had an undiagnosed heart condition.
Sarah told News Desk, "I feel it is my mission to raise awareness and money for the charity CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young. I am planning a charity disco in memory of Jake on September 6th at St Vincents Social Club. I am also looking for raffle prizes.
Thanks, Sarah Pyatt."  Link to Facebook Page

16/7 - Did you know you can now read e-magazines for free through the new library service? Find out more..  Link to story

15/7 - Local people and bikers react to story in Dunstable Gazette about noise nuisance on Woodside Estate. 55 comments. [Post seen by 2,388 people]

15/7 - Local children are invited to take part in a hair-raising Summer Reading Challenge this year.
The Library Challenge encourages children to read six or more books over the summer to collect prizes.

This year's creepy theme invites children to read The Awful Upstairs, The Gruesome Ground Floor and The Spine-tingling Cellar. But, actually, any books can be chosen – from fact books to joke books.

All children can take part. They receive a certificate for reading six books, a wristband for twelve and under, and a medal for eighteen and under. Those who take part can also register on the interactive website (, set up by the Reading Agency which co-ordinates the Challenge.

The Challenge across the country helps gets three quarters of a million children into libraries each summer to keep up their reading skills and confidence.

15/7 - To register your organs, go via - this site is being run by a lady who wants to get 10,000 new donors before she has to die. The online form only takes a few moments for you to complete, and could save a life.

15/7 - Re-publish story of 12th July, Girl assaulted in Windsor Drive field on 2nd July.

15/7 - Is this stolen jewellery yours?

14/7 - Schools Out soon, but what can you do with the children while you're at work? This cut-down document shows you what's available for Houghton Regis. If you need the full brochure from Central Beds go to

14/7 - Shared Poynters Rd works picture  - Link to picture

14/7 - A report on Carrie King, local author, who visited the Carnival for book signings.  Story

14/7 - Time for another look at the outline planning for Houghton Regis North Site 1 ? Lots of documents to scan through. What concerns do you have?

What's planned? Up to 5,150 dwellings (Use Class C3); up to 202,500 sqm gross of additional development in Use Classes: A1, A2, A3 (retail), A4 (public house), A5 (take away); B1, B2, B8 (offices, industrial and storage and distribution); C1 (hotel), C2 (care home), D1 and D2 (community and leisure); car showroom; data centre; petrol filling station; car parking; primary substation; energy centre; and for the laying out of the buildings; routes and open spaces within the development; and all associated works and operations including but not limited to: demolition; earthworks; engineering operations.
[Post seen by 800, but only 1 commentator.]

13/7 - Be an organ donor

13/7 - pre-programmed notices about events about to start on Village Green. (Some events did not happen due to a break down of the PA system)

13/7 - First pictures from the carnival  Picture Link

13/7  - pre-carnival notice.

12/7 -

12/7 - Promotion of Pet Dog of the Year tomorrow. Link

12/7 - List of things on at the Carnival tomorrow.

12/7 - If you would take a transplant to save your life, so, why not register your own parts so that you can be re-used? Do it now. Online.

12/7 - Help with Benefits

12/7 - regular monthly Craft Fair

11/7 - Interview with new Chief Constable. Story link

11/7 - Summer Activities for young people ... To download and print off the programme click on ...

11/7 - Summer 2013 Central Bedfordshire Together -

11/7 - Barking dogs, Coopers Way area.

11/7 - Focus on Lib Dems in Houghton Regis - Summer 2013

10/7 - Get Fit! Circular walks in the area.

10/7 - An accident on the pedestrain crossing between Morrisons and Wilsons Car Sales. One driver drove into the back of another that had stopped for a pedestrian. 57 comments from readers.

10/7 - Have your say on Central Bedfordshire Council’s Equality Strategy
Read the draft Equality Strategy and fill out the online comment form.

10/7 - Pinky Pink, the parrot, went missing and Anita Miller was asking for help to locate him.

10/7 - Map layout of HR Carnival

9/7 - 15 comments on the journey home, since Poynters Rd closure. Seems more are going south via A5 to J9 rather than through HR and to M1 J11. And congestion on Lewsey Rd. But the overall opinion was that journey times are much improved, and Houghton Regis is clear.

9/7 - Bedford Rd, Houghton Regis, School Crossing Update
CBC Customer Services advise: "The School Crossing Patrol site on Bedford Road in Houghton Regis will be made a permanent patrol site. We currently have a standby as the second patrol and we are planning to change this to two permanent patrols later in the year.

9/7 -

9/7 - Leighton Buzzard's Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre is getting a makeover during the next 6 months. Find out more here

9/7 - Police warn not to leave valuables on dislay during warm weather.

8/7 - 1762 images of The brook - Washbrook - at Thorn Turn running westwards towards Sundon Road.  Pictures

8/7 - Changed Facebook banner to a deserted Poynters Rd picture. Picture

8/7 - Live bus times for Houghton Regis (West) 

8/7 -  Live bus times for Houghton Regis (Central) 

8/7 - 18 comments mainly about the closure of Poynters Road and how quiet, for a change, Houghton Regis seemed.

7/7 - Multiple crash on M1 J13-12 reported as happening last night. On 9 July we reported that 2 children were airlifted to hospital. East Anglian Air Ambulance and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance attended.

6/7 - Reminded readers of Cloure of Tithe Farm Rd on Sunday for resurfacing.

6/7 - Reminded readers of Poynters Road closures.

5/7 - Tenders now being invited to run CBC leisure centres. An option to price to re-open HR Swimming Pool will be part of the process.  Story link.

5/7 - Murder Mystery event at the library. Did you go? Tell us what you thought of it!

5/7 - There's a difference at McDonalds. Photo of new road layout.

5/7 - Old view of corner of Village Green.  Picture

4/7 -Short-haired lop rabbit found in houghton regis

4/7 - This week's projects and opportunities.

4/7 - School Crossing Patrol Winners From Houghton 

4/7 - report on a Andrew Selous parliamentry exchange: tax avoidance.

4/7 - We mentioned the Exclusive Brethren who meet in a large building in Houghton Regis without windows. Colin Anderson, "Sound like a right load of pillocks..."

3/7 - Some unfavourable comments about Lottery Win for Houghton Hall Park. Glen McEvoy "I go to the countryside to get away from buildings, cafes, shops, meeting rooms, etc. why do we need to blur the lines between town and country?"

3/7 - New Parking Bays for Disable Badge Holders in Houghton Regis -

3/7 - Road Restrictions Proposals for Houghton Regis

2/7 - Are you aged 17-24 and already driving? Email to sign up for FREE driving skills course

2/7 - Cllr Nigel gets on an electric bike to promote electric bicycling. Picture

2/7 - Cllr Susan Goodchild on passenger frustration at closure of a bus stop in High Street.

2/7 - We report on a  New Tender Opportunity - Refurbishment of Parkside Family Centre
01-07-2013 - Parkside Family Centre
Closing date for Expressions of Interest is Monday, 8 July 2013.  Tenders

2/7 - We revealed that overnight road closures of Lords Hill/ Bedford Rd will be coming in later this week. Some criticism that the closure was also for Saturday afternoon. Link to closure order.

2/7 - Reminder that Up to 15 hours of free childcare for your 2 year old. Find out more

2/7 - Central Bedfordshire Council learnt today that it has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund for the ‘Houghton Hall Park - Renaissance and Renewal’ project. Story Link.

1/7 Houghton Regis Chalk Pit newsletter now available here

1/7 - Arriva bus changes for Poynters Road closures

1/7 - Mobile Roaming Charges
The cost of using a mobile phone abroad will be slashed from tomorrow under the new rules. A price cap on downloading data means looking at maps, checking emails and sending pictures while travelling in EU countries will be 36% cheaper, and 91% cheaper compared to 1997.

30/6 - Leon Warner, a Houghton Regis plumber who smashed a champagne bottle onto the head of another drinker in a Luton pub was jailed for 6 years earlier this month.  Story

30/6 - Five non-executive directors of the east of England Ambulance service have quit in just two days. Story link.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Local Author, Carrie King, Visits Houghton Regis Carnival

Local author, Carrie King, visited the Houghton Regis Carnival yesterday to promote her books, and offer signed copies. You can find Carrie's books on Amazon. 

Photo: by Keith Wallis on Facebook
When she was eight, her family moved from Sharpenhoe to Bidwell, and was educated in Dunstable. On her Amazon Page she write, "Wrote first Play at eight and forced siblings to act in front of Parent's House Guests."

As a young married woman with three daughters, any dream of becoming a doctor was soon left behind.
Carrie later wrote for television, encouraged by Christopher Walker, Head of Drama for Central Television and Pam Francis, Journalist for the Independent. In 1997 she began writing The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip for her Great Niece, three-year-old Joni Philipa. The novel evolved into an adventure for much older children.


The American Chronicle: "Carrie King has written a brilliant book, (The Life in the Wood with), Joni Pip, that can stand beside the likes of Catcher in the Rye, The Old Man and the Sea or Walden and not shrink in importance, yet it can be next to Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn or Treasure Island and seem right at home. Joni-Pip is a must for any library; for those who know and love quality writing. Joni-Pip's adventures begin when her family moves to Sherwood Forest to escape the World War Two bombing of Bath, England."

Friday, 12 July 2013

Man sexually attacked 16 year-old dog walker off Windsor Drive

Did you witness Houghton Regis assault?

Police officers in Houghton Regis are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a 16 year old girl was subjected to a sexual assault as she was walking her dog in Houghton Regis.

The incident happened in Windsor field, just off Windsor Drive, on July 2 at approximately 1.30pm. The victim was approached by a man on a silver mountain bike.

The man began a conversation with the victim and during the ordeal kissed the victim and grabbed her inappropriately before exposing himself.

The victim managed to leave the scene and was able to run home where she reported the incident.

The man is described as black, 5’4” tall, 20 – 25 years old with an average build and a short black beard. His hair was black and in cane rows which met at the top of his head – giving a pineapple appearance. He wore a light blue polo shirt and light coloured jeans.

The officer in charge of this investigation, Detective Constable Phil Raikes is keen to trace anyone who may have seen a man matching this description in the area.

DC Raikes said: “This was a shocking experience for the victim who is only 16 year of age and I would urge anyone who saw someone matching this description in the area or anyone who may have been approached by a similar person to contact the police as soon as possible.

“This is an unusual incident but as a precaution women should remain vigilant, remain in busy areas when out and about and report any suspicious activity to the police without delay.”

Anyone with information relating to this crime can contact DC Raikes at Luton Police Station, in confidence, on 01582 394338, or Bedfordshire Police on 101, or text information to 07786 200011.

Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

School Crossing Patrol Winners From Houghton

Maria Mupayah with family and school crossing patrol in front of her design
Locals, Eden Chimwe and Maria Mupayah are among the winners of a commemorative medal and certificate to thank them for their efforts in the School Crossing Patrol service.

A presentation ceremony was held to thank them for their service. Cllr David Bowater, Vice Chairman of Central Bedfordshire Council also presented book tokens to the winners of a school crossing banner competition.

School Crossing Patrols were formally recognised in Britain by the School Crossing Patrols Act in 1953. This year is the Diamond Jubilee for school crossings.

Schools with patrols were invited to enter an art competition showing their school’s patrol in action. Four winning entries were chosen to be printed on banners and displayed outside schools. 

The winners were: Ellie Gajewski from Totternhoe Lower School, Eden Chimwe from Thornhill Lower School, Maria Mupayah from Hawthorn Park Lower School and Ethan Valenti from Beaudesert Lower School.

Cllr Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Sustainable Communities (Services), said: "We really do have a lot to thank these unsung heroes of our streets. Some of our crossing patrollers have done many years service for our children and it is right that we should thank them in this way.

"We had some fantastic entries to the art competition so thanks to everyone who took part. The winning designs look great on the big banners - congratulations to Ellie, Eden, Maria and Ethan."

‘Stop Means Stop’ (S.M.S) Campaign ‘

Everyday throughout the UK some road users:-

  • Fail to STOP when the School Crossing Patrollers display their signs in the road.
  • Move off before the School Crossing Patroller has returned to the pavement.

Failure to obey a school crossing patrol Stop sign could result in a maximum fine of £1000 plus 3 points on your driving licence and could even result in injury or death.

Crimestoppers - "Bedfordshire is one of the safest places in the UK to live"

Bedfordshire continues to stand up against crime as calls rise once again.

The charity, Crimestoppers, have revealed that year-on-year more and more information is being passed to police in Bedfordshire. Information passed on has grown by 21% in the past year.

Now in its 25th anniversary year, Crimestoppers charity continues to influence the fight against crime.
The charity guarantees anonymity to people who pass on information. The growth of information passed on shows that Crimestoppers is trusted.

Ann Scott, Eastern Regional Manager for Crimestoppers, said, “We are delighted that more people are choosing to put their trust in Crimestoppers with their information. Bedfordshire is one of the safest places in the UK to live.  The majority of the information was drugs related, but we also got lots of information about theft, drink driving, immigration offences, wanted people, burglary and fraud."

David Biles, new Chair of Bedfordshire Crimestoppers, added: “We've been incredibly busy. We have run a series of successful campaigns, including those tackling burglary and domestic abuse. We promted our youth brand, Fearless, throughout schools in Luton. We will now try to recruit more volunteers. They help to fight crime. We still need a treasurer, those who can attend community events, those with IT skills and those with media/marketing knowledge.  If you want to make a difference in your community and help make Bedfordshire even safer, please get in contact”.

Nationally, this last year:

  • 7,000 arrests and charges nationally, bringing the total since 1988 to over 122,000. 
  • £65 million worth of drugs were also seized during the year, bringing the total amount over 25 years to £297 million.


  • 0800 555 111  anonymously.
  • Never ask for your name or personal details 
  • Do not record calls
  • Do not trace calls or online forms
  • You do not have to give a statement to police or got to court
  • In 25 years Crimestoppers have never revealed anyone’s identity


If you wish to help Crimestoppers in your local community by becoming a volunteer, please visit the volunteer section on our website at

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bus Services During The Poynters Road Closure

Poynters Road  -  Road Closure  Bus Services

From 8th July for 11 weeks
Bus services in Dunstable, Houghton Regis and surrounding area will be affected by the closure of Poynters Road for 11 weeks. Buses are likely to be affected by expected congestion in the area.


Arriva have chosen to operate with variations to routes and timetables, because of the additional journey times and maintain the same number of vehicles on the road. These are  detailed below:
24 (Dunstable  Katherine Drive  Lewsey Farm  Leagrave  Barnfield College  Luton. This will not operate between  Dunstable and Lewsey Farm. (except for a few peak journeys this college term). It will operate Lewsey Farm - Luton. A special service 24A will serve Katherine Drive  see below.
24A. Special service. Dunstable  Ridgeway Avenue  Duncombe Drive - Katherine Drive shops  Woodford Road  Dunstable (Mondays to Fridays  not evenings).
31 (Dunstable  Luton Road - L&D Hospital  Luton). This  will operate every 15 minutes instead of every 12 minutes during the day/ peak times.
31 (Luton  L &D Hospital  Dunstable  Totternhoe  Eaton Bray - Whipsnade Zoo  Kensworth - Studham {Sundays}). This route will be revised to operate Luton, L& D Hospital, Dunstable, Dunstable Downs, Kensworth, Studham, Whipsnade Zoo, Eaton Bray, Totternhoe, Dunstable, L & D Hospital, Luton.
38 (Dunstable  Houghton Regis  Lewsey Farm  L&D Hospital  Luton). This  will operate every 15 minutes instead of every 12minutes during the day/ peak times.
61 (Aylesbury  Tring  Edlesborough  Eaton Bray  Totternhoe  Dunstable  L&D Hospital  Luton  Wigmore Lane ASDA). This will not operate between Luton Town Centre and Wigmore Lane.
70 (Milton Keynes  Leighton Buzzard  Stanbridge  Tilsworth  Dunstable  L&D Hospital  Luton).  On Mondays to Saturdays the 70 will not serve Luton Town Centre except for a few early/ late journeys. . Buses will terminate at Oakley Road/ Chaul End Roundabout. This route may also be affected by roadworks in Leighton Buzzard.


Centrebus will be operating to existing timetable, but buses are expected to be delayed.
202 (Dunstable  Ridgeway Avenue  L&D Hospital  Caddington  Slip End  Pepperstock  Harpenden).  This service will not be able to serve Ridgeway Avenue; buses will operate direct via Luton Road.
852 (All Saints Academy  Houghton Regis  Barnfield Vale Academy).  This school-day service will be rerouted from Houghton Regis via Dunstable.

Grant Palmer

Grant Palmer will be operating to existing timetable, but buses on DB1 may be affected by congestion in Dunstable.
Connections at the Toddington Hub between route 42 and Centrebus X31 cannot be guaranteed.

South Beds Link a Bus

74 (Tebworth  Toddington  Barton le Clay -  Sundon  Dunstable. Journeys via Ridgeway Avenue will be diverted via Woodside Estate. Journeys to Leagrave Station may be curtailed if the bus is severely delayed.


Arriva special timetables will be available at the Transport Hub, Ashton Square, Dunstable.

New Parking Bays for Disabled Badge Holders in Houghton Regis

Central Bedfordshire Council are proposing to introduce a number of parking bays for disabled badge holders only in:

Houghton Regis

Cemetery Road
Cumberland Street
Fensome Drive
Fenwick Road
Plaiters Way
Trident Drive


14 Church Mead, Studham


Alfred Street
Allenby Avenue
Chiltern Road
Churchill Road
Graham Road
Park Street
Victoria Street
The Public Notice will  be formally published on 3 July 2013 and can be viewed here.  

Road Restrictions Proposals for Houghton Regis and Dunstable

Proposals are formally published today for a variety of road restrictions in Houghton Regis and Dunstable. The Public Notice can be viewed here . If implemented, no waiting, no stopping, and limited waiting may be applied.  

Objections: should be sent in writing to the Transportation Manager, Bedfordshire Highways,
Woodlands Annex, Manton Lane, Bedford MK41 7NU or e-mail stating the grounds on which they are made by 26 July 2013.

The roads affected are:

Houghton Regis

Douglas Crescent
Hilborough Crescent & Sundon Road
Hillborough Crescent
King Street & Queen Street
Parkside Drive & Brentwood Close
Tithe Farm Road and Camp Drive
Tithe Farm Road
Trident Drive


Kingscroft Avenue
Borough Road & Howard Place
Brewers Hill Road & Drovers Way
Edward Street
Frenchs Avenue & Peppercorn Way
Frenchs Avenue
Humphrys Road
Southfields Road & Watling Gardens
Lancot Drive
Linden Close
Oakwood Avenue
Park Road
Princes Street
Staines Square
Totternhoe Road and Coombe Drive
Winfield Street

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New Tender Opportunity - Refurbishment of Parkside Family Centre

New Tender Opportunity - Refurbishment of Parkside Family Centre
01-07-2013  - Parkside Family Centre  
Closing date for Expressions of Interest is Monday, 8 July 2013
Closing date for receipt of tenders is 12.00 noon Friday 9 August 2013
Central Bedfordshire Council is seeking an experienced and competent  contractor, with a proven track record, wishing to be considered to tender for the above project at Houghton Regis.

Early expressions of interest are encouraged.

Houghton Hall Park Wins Heritage Lottery Fund Money

Central Bedfordshire Council has learnt today that it has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund for the ‘Houghton Hall Park - Renaissance and Renewal’ project.

A development funding grant of £215,100 has been awarded to help Central Bedfordshire Council and its partners progress their plans to apply for a full grant in 2014.

Local ward councillor and supporter of the bid, Cllr Susan Goodchild, added: "I was absolutely delighted to hear this news! The local community have already been a part of the bid and we really hope that they will be involved going forward too. The plans would really give the area a sense of place, giving the opportunity for people to work in both traditional skills and also as educational volunteers. But it's not only about bringing together the people in our town to celebrate our heritage - we also hope that it will attract visitors to our area."

The project at Houghton Hall Park will seek to create a vibrant park landscape that celebrates its heritage through the restoration and interpretation of heritage and landscape features. A working kitchen garden and formal garden will be restored, and the original flow and ‘feel’ of the historic parkland will be recreated.

The project will provide improved facilities and access, to encourage use and increase community pride in the park. Facilities will include children's play, improved paths and entrances and interpretation. With its café, toilets and activity space, a Heritage Hub will provide a community space; showcasing local heritage, and acting as a focal point for park activity.

The project team will be work with the community to capture memories and develop local knowledge about the history of Houghton Hall Park. Schools and colleges, young people and community organisations will play a role in the project and local people will also have a chance to volunteer to help revitalise the park.

The remainder of a 12th Century manorial estate, Houghton Hall Park has played an important role in the social life, culture and economy of Houghton Regis over the centuries. The Park as we know it today was created in the 17th Century by the Brandreth family. Radical Parliamentarian Henry Brandreth brought the Brandreths to Houghton Regis and over the years the family, and the Park itself, experienced its share of rises and falls, family scandals and dynastic marriages. Despite its decline, Houghton Hall Park continues to be a landmark of Houghton Regis.

Cllr Brian Spurr, Executive Member for Sustainable Communities (Services) at Central Bedfordshire Council said: "We’re delighted that the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund have given us this support. Investment in the park is essential to increase use of this valuable community resource, provide much needed facilities and allow it to meet the increasing pressures from population growth." He added "Houghton Hall Park has been a feature of life here for centuries, and this project will help to ensure that it is here and loved for centuries to come"

Robyn Llewellyn, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund for the East of England said: "We’re delighted to be able to support Houghton Hall Park in developing their proposals. Parks mean so much to so many of us and they bring lots of benefits to our quality of life and now, more than ever, it is important that we can give them the opportunity to grow and thrive. This grant will help the community gain new opportunities to get involved in looking after and improving their local park. Many public parks are really suffering in the current economic climate so this is particularly good news for the area."

Full consultation on project proposals will be carried out with local stakeholders and members of the public as part of project development. The process for consultation will be advertised locally.

Central Bedfordshire Councils’ Countryside Access Service manages country parks and sites across Central Bedfordshire, and has been working with Houghton Regis Town Council and the Greensand Trust to develop the project to restore Houghton Hall Park in Houghton Regis. The project aims to improve restore the vitality of the park; celebrating local heritage and improving facilities and access to the park. 

Current plans for the Park are Subject to advice of experts over the next 12 months and public Consultation. Final plans for the Park may differ from those currently anticipated.

Individuals and organisations who wish to receive information updates about the project or who wish to get involved with the project can register their interest at:


A stakeholder Consultation was held with local organisations and Community groups in January 2013. A number of surveys have also been undertaken to ascertain public opinion about the Park and possible restoration Work. 

Extensive survey work and public Consultation will be undertaken over the next 12 months as part of the next phase of project development. 


o July 2013: HLF Permission to Start Project 

~ July 2013 to August 2014: Extensive project planning with HLF grant providing the 

resources to commission the necessary professional studies and surveys 

o August 2014: Round Two (Delivery) Stage Bid submitted 

o November 2014: Result announced/ delivery grant awarded 

o January 2015: Delivery work commences (if successful) 

~ December 2017: Project Completed


Round One Bid (this bid) - HLF Grant of £215,100 
Round Two Bid (Aug 2014) - requesting circa £1.25 million 

Project Contact 

Kim Owens, Senior Fundraising and Projects Officer, Countryside Access
Ext: 76821 | Mob 07837 121077 | Email:

Houghton Hall Park Facebook Banner Collection