Slight Overall Rise on CBC Councillors Allowances

A report from Central Bedfordshire Council shows that the Leader of the Council, James Jamieson, was paid more than £43,450 for 2012/13, which is just shy of £4700 less than the sum of all the allowances paid out to all of the four Councillors for Houghton Regis. Houghton Regis CBC councillors allowances totalled £48,157.
 In all, the Council paid out some £13,000 more to all councillors in allowances than they did last year.

In accordance with the Local Authorities (Members' Allowances) Regulations 2001,
 the Council operates a Scheme for the payment of allowances and expenses
for Members of the Council for attending meetings and other official 
duties on behalf of Central Bedfordshire Council.
Note 1. Subsistence payments are re-imbursement for actual expenditure in respect of approved duties outside of the Council's area and cover the costs of accommodation and meals within the upper limits.
Note 2. Exec. Member for Children's Services

Note 3. Executive Member for Sustainable Communities - Strategic Planning and Economic Development