Central Bedfordshire's Mortality

New data comparison shows that the Central Bedfordshire population has a lower premature mortality rate compared to most other parts of the country and is third best in the country for low death rates from liver disease.

The Longer Lives website, showing significant variation in early death rates, has been published to drive public awareness and local action to tackle public health problems. The website, from Public Health England,  http://www.longerlives.phe.org.uk  allows people to easily access local information on deaths before the age of 75 years. The site compares death rates of major killers, like heart disease, stroke and cancer and shows how it varies across the area and the country.

Each local authority is compared to the national average and for the first time these data are also compared to other local authorities of similar socio-economic status based on the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) 2010. Central Bedfordshire has been placed in the least deprived 10% of local authorities in the country. Within this grouping, Bedfordshire also has higher rates of premature mortality from cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Only liver disease shows Central Bedfordshire has a lower rate of premature mortality than all but one area in its comparator group.

Central Bedfordshire Council are helping people to make healthy lifestyle choices like quitting smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol they drink, and encouraging them to become more physically active. Efforts are being made to help identify people at risk of cardiovascular disease, and over 10,000 health checks  have been made to help residents reduce risk.

Are you at risk? Should you do more exercise, or perhaps you feel your diet needs to be looked at? What steps will you be taking?