Benny looks to the brighter side, singing to raise money for Cancer Research

Local singer/songwriter, Benny Ebenezer from Houghton Regis, has released a new charity single to raise money for Cancer Research UK. He is hoping that his debut single 'Brighter Side', written for his daughter Savi, will raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The message of Brighter Side is one of faith, courage, love and determination to face difficult times more positively.

Talented Benny has also created a promotional video to go along with the song from his own professional recording studios in the Parkside area of Houghton Regis. Daughter, Savi, who is studying Performing Arts at the Central Bedfordshire College in Dunstable, is featured in the video along with some of the medical staff from the Chemotherapy Unit in the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

All money raised from this song will go to Cancer Research UK.

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Benny was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2007. He said, " After recovering from the initial shock and intensive treatment, the song I had written for my daughter took on a special meaning for me. I listened to it and realised I was going to have to practice what I'd written. As a result, I became much more positive and decisive and my faith grew even stronger. I suppose you could say I looked on the brighter side."

As well as this song, the artist is now working on promotional videos for two more songs, (Remember & Why), which will be to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Save The Children.

Apart from his own music, Benny is interested in helping others move along in the music business. Benny said, "I have also written songs that I would like others to sing, and I would be happy to help a local singer or musician out, if they are prepared to work hard to succeed. I have a professional recording studio, and would welcome the opportunity."

Whilst Benny has song writing, guitar playing, and music production know-how, he brings others in to help him out from time to time. "Lewis Partridge who is also from Houghton Regis, helps me on drums and bass, and, and my daughter, Savi is learning to play drums, too. I've had singers from St Vincent's Church over to help on recordings. It would be nice to get to know others who play such instruments as the violin, for example, to help out with some of the songs I have planned."

Benny knows that music, faith, friendships and staying positive, are very important in his recovery.

Benny said "Medical research has played a huge part in my health because I took part in trials that are developing much better cancer treatments. He said I know how important research is in the fight to beat cancer. That's why I want to raise money for Cancer Research UK by releasing 'Brighter Side' as a charity single."

Benny said "Cancer affects us all. Even if we don't have it ourselves, we all know someone who does. In the last century, effective treatments have been found for so many other terminal illnesses. Why should cancer be any different? I'm not able to run a marathon or do a parachute or bungee jump. Nevertheless, I hope to raise money through music."

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